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04 March 2011, 1427
Hey guys,

Just dropping a note to say if you had noticed I'd been quite as of late you noticed right. I leave on an airplane for Australia Sunday morning and I'll be gone for 8 months.

It'll probably take me at least a week get situated then I plan on organizing a podcast. So that's what I'm up to.


04 March 2011, 1746
Safe journeys Rich. May the elmoto be with you!

04 March 2011, 1812
Where in Australia, and why?

And can I come too?

04 March 2011, 1900
Good luck with ....whatever you are doing. We will be right here waiting for you. :)

05 March 2011, 1932
I'm going to Perth. [begin violin music here] My temp job was ending and I had applied for 7 positions at the security systems plant I was working at and only got one interview and no job. This meant I couldn't afford my place any more, and I have no family members that I could really stay that lived close enough to a place I could work where I my car died a year ago. But, I have a long time friend who lives in Perth. She is a single mom of 3 (13,11, 1.5) and she needs someone to run the kids around so she can go to school full time. So basically, I'm going to play Mrs. Doubtfire. :D But it should give me the chance to finish the last few checks I need for my bachelor degree. I am going to try to get a workers visa when I finish my degree, and try to stay there. As a society on the whole, teachers seem to have a bit more respect there (I've seen some clips from Fox News recently).

That's the scoop,

, and their economy is going good in Perth.

05 March 2011, 1943
Best of luck Rich. At least you'll be in OZ, a country that still rewards work over wealth and seems to have a healthy and vibrant middle class that can still afford to buy things.

05 March 2011, 2000
Drive by fruiting?

05 March 2011, 2020
Sounds good Rich. Best of luck!

04 April 2011, 2352
Just an update. For the first time in my life I want to come home. This chick is driving me crazy, and her daughters aren't helping. However, I've met lots of good people and I am lining my ducks up as best I can to be able to teach here. We'll see. I have little to no intenet access and this is the first time I've been able to check in and see what is going on elmoto. I am hoping to come home in a few weeks but I'm not sure yet. See you guys when I see you.

05 April 2011, 0900
You're in a house full of Australian girls. What's the problem? :p

I think official ElMoto policy is to post photos :D

05 April 2011, 1351
I think official ElMoto policy is to post photos

I'm sure chef meant "tasteful photos".