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08 March 2011, 1602
This has been all over the local news, as well as in the newspaper today:

Tesla has announced that their first Model S sedan, to be introduced in mid-2012, will be a deluxe version, called the "Signature Series", with a battery that will give it a 300-mile range on a single charge. This car will be followed by a Model S with a 230-mile range and then one with a 160-mile range. The lower spec cars will arrive later in 2012, according to George Blankenship, Tesla's vice president for world-wide sales.

The 160-mile Model S will sell for $57,400, the 230-mile version will go for $67,400 and that last 70 miles will set you back another $10,000. A right-hand drive version will also be available in 2012. Blankenship said that Tesla expects to produce 5,000 Model S sedans in 2012 and 20,000 in 2013.

The "Signature" model will "feature unique badging and an extensive complement of options". No details were provided on the company's website.

In the news, the reporters are knocking off $7,500 the announced prices due to the Federal government's tax rebate. But I seem to recall that the rebate ends this year and I wouldn't put any money on the Republican-controlled House approving an extension of this generous tax EV incentive.

08 March 2011, 2139
Good summary Richard. Only ommision was that the regular 300 mile version is the second one off the line. Anouncement went like this:
Mid 2012 release of the Signature series. (No update on price total, but a $40K deposit is required to reserve!) Deluxe edition only available with 300 mile pack.
Next up is the 300 mile version of the standard S for "roughly" $20K additional.
Then the 230 mile version of the standard S for "roughly" $10K more.
Finally the standard 160 mile S is released at the only "firm" price of $49.9K (with an expiring credit in 2011 and always the chance of price creep!)
Canada deliveries are scheduled to be three months behind the US. Europe deliveries of left hand drive vehicles starting a few months after that. Right hand drive version in 2013.

09 March 2011, 0845
Thanks Bruce. I was getting my information from the radio news and a slightly confusing newspaper article in the business section. That pricing scheme seems a little complex to me. You have to be pretty smart to figure out all of those prices to guess what model you want, when it will arrive and what you will pay. Maybe it is some sort of intelligent test for Tesla's future customers.