View Full Version : All charged up and nowhere to go.

09 March 2011, 2206
Finished the charger wiring last night and tested it out. So now I have a fully operational bike and can't even get it out of the garage yet. :(

Good thing I don't work at the post office.

Nuts & Volts
09 March 2011, 2301
Sounds like a good time to build a snow blower or move :)

Have you done anything with the bodywork on your ride?

09 March 2011, 2321
I still need to do some work on the bodywork. Patch a few holes, mend some cracks and then paint it. I'm also going to make a cowling to replace the tank. Just bits and pieces left to do, and tidy up the wiring now that I've got it all figured out. Getting really close now.

09 March 2011, 2327
Congrats! Hope the weather clears up for you soon. Let's see that EV grin in your pics.

10 March 2011, 0413
That's AWESOME man! Git out the shovel. Or the camera. Or both! Or go for a spin in the shop! :D

Harold in CR
10 March 2011, 0617
Shoot fire, they drove a bunch of stamped head screws in the tires on Jesse James's Bike, when he took the medicine to TUK. heh heh

10 March 2011, 0851
You can always do burnouts in the garage...

Can't wait to see this thing rolling.

10 March 2011, 0856
Maybe you should have built the indoor track first?

10 March 2011, 0907
Maybe you should have built the indoor track first?
I was specifically told I couldn't ride it in the house. I may have to check to see if that restriction has been lifted.

10 March 2011, 1020
Excellent news. Where are the pics?

10 March 2011, 1041
Will do some tidying of wires tonight and see about some pictures. Not sure when I last took pics.

11 March 2011, 1324
Need them pictures! Gotta have something to look at besides snow! Cleveland is doing it's best to imitate your neck of the woods Dave. We got 12 inchs last night of wet snow. I'm not going to be riding a two wheeled vehicle anytime soon it would appear.

11 March 2011, 1326
Bruce, are you all on track for being on the road when spring arrives?