View Full Version : 1 MW laser gun

10 March 2011, 0920
I don't know why :D , but I thought someone here would be interested in this homemade weapon:


Maybe you could use a few dozen of these ultra-capacitors to power your mega-watt el moto - at least for a short time.

10 March 2011, 0955
You mean MegaWatt (MW)?

I saw that thing the other day on another of my blogs I visit, very cool. He's sold one apparently and is selling more.

I don't know what the huge deal is with ultra caps, they aren't that great for storage density, weight and volume. Batteries are just fine and charge HV Capacitors and then discharge them quickly. The pulse is something like 100ns, so its not that much energy, but its a **** ton of power.

10 March 2011, 1018
Give me the phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.

10 March 2011, 1607
Photon Torpedo's!!!!