View Full Version : Zivan NG5 for sale

10 March 2011, 2022
I have an NG5 programmed for 312V, LiFePO4. I don't have any use for it, so putting it up. They're $1550 new...not sure what to ask, so if you're interested make me an offer.


Oh, and if posting an item for sale isn't appropriate, let me know (apologies ahead of time).

10 March 2011, 2028
See that link up there that says Classifieds?

Just sayin' :D

Nuts & Volts
10 March 2011, 2031
I moved it for ya sir :)

10 March 2011, 2038
Now I see it. Thanks, it was shrouded in an SEP field.

10 March 2011, 2043
Question - if I put this up elsewhere, how much do you think it is worth? Seems like I've seen them go for between $500-$1000, so I have no idea.