View Full Version : Mitsubishi has big EV production plans

13 March 2011, 0754
Also in the SHIFT column of my newspaper is a report that Mitshuishi's i-MiEV plug-in electric sedan will go on sale in North America during November 2011. However, Mitsubishi also just announced that it will offer six new plug-in hybrid and battery-electric models by 2015. In the meantime it will drop three slow-selling IC engine models by 2013. These are the Galant sedan, Eclipse sports coupe and the Endeavor SUV. This move will allow Mitsubishi to focus its resources entirely on compact and smaller models, according to spokesman Moe Durand.

13 March 2011, 0809
As I see it, the more electric vehicles that are sold around the World and in the US, the better for the electric motorcycle industry. Not only will the public acceptance of electric vehicles improve and become more widespread, but I would expect to see the rapid advancement of new EV technology, as well as the lowering of prices for EV equipment - which will benefit the electric motorcycle industry also. With the auto industry leading the charge with greater resources, competition and money, the trickle down to the much smaller and more poorly funded motorcycle industry should be very advantageous to all of us two-wheel enthusiasts. Better performing, smaller and cheaper EV equipment will really help produce faster and less expensive plug-in motorcycles with longer ranges and lighter weights. A win-win for us.