View Full Version : EV Charging Stations installed at University of Maryland

01 April 2011, 1623
I attended the EV charging station ribbon cutting ceremony at the University of Maryland yesterday. There were three EVs in attendance. A representative from GM brought a Volt, and a friend brought his Vectrix scooter. An unexpected surprise was the campus utility truck owned by the UMD transportation department. I had no idea they were already using EVs on campus. And I think a low speed fleet utility vehicle is an ideal application for an EV at this point.

There are charging stations in four different locations on the UMD campus, and more are scheduled to be installed. The parking spaces and charging are completely FREE at this point. The intention is for these to remain free indefinitely.

The ceremony did not have the same energy as you would find at a football game, but for me it was still very exciting. I have been reading about charging infrastructure, but actually seeing it makes me feel like we're really making progress.


02 April 2011, 0224
Very Cool! Will it do 110v?

I hope to see some of this in the new Housing/industrial area they are building near where I work.

02 April 2011, 0717
Yes, these chargers will support regular 110V and level 2 via J1772.