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24 August 2010, 0138
Some things simply should not be lost to the ravages of time...

to wit:

New 24-08, 01:55



I'm the 4th most chatty person here with 164 chats

ted on the other hand is the clear winner with 465 chats

what I'm trying to do is to overtake frodus for the number three spot

he's at 248 chats

I think

that it's do-able

I just have to


but instead of spamming

I'll speak

in a relatively cohesive manner.

the chat box now is like every other chatbox online yes

what I want to know is why would the chat room designers even make the option for the inverse

I simply do not understand

not understanding something is nothing new to me

There are anomalies all around me

80% of them are argentinian women

good luck with that

I wonder where DaveAK is

it really was great meeting the crew

In a few hours I'll be on a boat

then a bus

heading to boston

ted's a busy man but I hope he'll have some free time so we can shoot the ****

you see I'm trying to transfer to a school up here

I have a tan

and it looks good

top shelf

Empulse, wtf

I really dont get that magic

10kwh with that weight and that price


brb, I'm going to refresh a page and see if it updates my chat count

hey! 200 solid, not bad

soon I'll overtake frodus and set my sights on ted

tedmasterflash was spamming before so he has an edge

I wonder who's going to read this

probably terry

good morning terry

or maybe somebody else

juiced perhaps

He should know that I treasure my Elmoto badge

I wonder how many trolls we have.

I mean, I do my fair share of trolling

but I'm social enough

lol, fantastic work remote


(spamming chat. imagine. moi?)


24 August 2010, 0206
hahaha Nice work!