View Full Version : Changing Magura grips

10 April 2011, 1600
As the topic suggests, is it possible to change the grips on your standard Magura twist grip?
The looks might not be optimal for all uses..

10 April 2011, 1629
Yes, it's just a regular rubber grip that slips onto the throttle tube.

10 April 2011, 1704
Funny you should ask. I JUST did this today. I cut the old one off and slipped (and glued) on a new one.
I never did not like the stock grips.


10 April 2011, 2158
Be aware, the Magura grips are shorter (10mm) than most sport bike grips. You can use a shorter grip (115mm) or get the longer grips and make a spacer to place on the bar to extend the throttle cylinder. I cut a 10mm long section off my ICE throttle cylinder to make the spacer.