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11 April 2011, 1150
I'm sure there will be more press coming in on this story, but here are excerpts from the published articles and links to the early reports along with a video from Chip.

Hell For Leather (http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2011/04/the-fastest-electric-motorcycle-in-the-world/#more-16484)
For the second time this year, Chip Yates has made history. In January, he placed second in a race against ICE superbikes using his homemade electric superbike and yesterday he unofficially set a new land speed record by a comfortable margin. Racing at the Mojave Mile, the garage inventor reached a top speed of 190.6mph. This is made extra impressive not only because he exceed the official electric motorcycle land speed record by 17mph, but also because he did that in a mile-long drag race, not on the open expanse of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The thing is, the ever-modest Chip is actually disappointed with the result.

RoadracingWorld.com (http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/article/?article=43985)

Already cnsidered the most powerful and sophisticated electric superbike on the planet, the SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing Electric Superbike has convincingly added "world's fastest" to its ever-growing list of achievements with an incredible standing start, one-mile run of 190.6 MPH at the professionally organized Mojave Mile Shootout event in the in the Californai desert (mojavemile.com). The previous top speeds achieved by electric motorcycles at various events are in the 170 mph range.

All About Bikes Magazine (http://www.allaboutbikes.com/motorcycle-sports/general-motorcycle-sport/4517-chip-yates-sets-land-speed-record-the-fastest-electric-motorcycle-in-the-world-video)
Chip Yates and his Swigz Racing electric motorcycle have already made history, but with their ambitious drive and unparallelled technology, they'll be making history for a longtime to come. Yates just set an unofficial land speed record at the Mojave Mile, reaching a speed of 190.6mph. Yep, Chip Yates rides the fastest electric motorcycle in the world

Tribune Weekly Chronicle (http://tribwekchron.com/2011/04/swigz-electric-motorcycle-achieves-top-speed-of-190-6-mph-and-becomes-the-fastest-in-the-world/)
Although busy adapting the superbike’s electric powertrain technology for the recently announced Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (www.ppihc.com) set for June 26th, rider and team owner Chip Yates directed his team to make a 2-week “detour” in order to have a go at determining the one-mile top speed of the 240 horsepower electric superbike.

From this video you can see quite a bit of bar shake at 170+ mph, so there may be higher speeds ahead for Chip once he gets that worked out.


11 April 2011, 1208
The official 173mph electric motorcycle land speed record currently belongs to Lightning Motorcycles, which also won the TTXGP series last year, a series from which Chip was excluded after his bike crossed the maximum 250kg weight limit. That official record was set as a two-way average at an officially sanctioned land speed record event.

not official yet, but impressive as all hell.... great work chip, you can walk the walk.

Nuts & Volts
11 April 2011, 1318
not official yet, but impressive as all hell.... great work chip, you can walk the walk.

My thoughts exactly. He is putting up the numbers! Congrats to Mr Yates

...still want to see that KERS :D please

11 April 2011, 1445
Another one here (http://evworld.com/news.cfm?newsid=25569).

11 April 2011, 1500
Motorcycle.com picked it up too. But they have him doing 1906 mph. Now that is fast. :D


11 April 2011, 1820
Can anyone find the SWIGZ logo on the bike? All I see is CHIP YATES.

11 April 2011, 1829
On the swingarm

11 April 2011, 2159
Can anyone find the SWIGZ logo on the bike? All I see is CHIP YATES.

Like magicsmoke said, the Swigz name is on the swingarm. The Swigz logo is on the side of the fairing. Look @ the high res image from "Hell For Leather" and you will see the Swigz logo below and to the right of Yates' three crew members' names. There are several sponsors' names there, but it's to the right of Dainese, Motec & Ohlins and to the left of UQM. The Swigz logo is also on the front of Yates' leathers.

11 April 2011, 2302
Impressive accomplishment. My head would be spinning at 190 mph and I'd probably be pissing in my pants with the handlebar shake :o

Aside from throwing more voltage at the motor(s), how do they reach those speeds? Do they trade off low end pickup for really really slow starting acceleration? Gearing?

12 April 2011, 0516
Congratulations to Chip and his team on eclipsing 190 MPH. This is no small achievement. I have had my sites on Kent's 179 MPH. Looks like it is time to re-aim. 200 is still out there.........

Shawn Lawless

12 April 2011, 0600
Congrats to all the EV Speed Demons. Shawn, that 200 will come sooner than you think.

All this speed is going to make our Cafe Ton up run look slow!

13 April 2011, 1545
President/CEO of UQM congratulates Chip & his team in an article from CNBC (http://www.cnbc.com/id/42568206)

UQM congratulates Chip Yates and all of the SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing team on this record-setting achievement with his electric superbike, said Eric Ridenour, President and Chief Executive Officer of UQM Technologies. We are very happy that our electric propulsion system played a key role in Yate's performance and he continues to demonstrate that electric drive can deliver unexpected high performance.

Chip followed that comment nicely with:

This run should go a long way towards our goal of demonstrating that electric vehicles can lay down extreme performance and compete directly against gasoline powered vehicles if properly designed and executed,

I wonder if the big mc manufacturers are taking note?

Nuts & Volts
14 April 2011, 1049

Very cool data in above link, but will only be up to 12 hours unless you have a subscription. (I copied that article for future reference, hopefully thats not bad :))
I want to say Chip and his team do have a very very technical machine. I believe early on they were treading in new waters with electric motorcycles and that left them with some of the engineering clean up work they are experiencing with battery placement and wheelie issues. But the level of software and data they have is really going to allow them to take this motorcycle to new heights.

Especially since he is capable of over 400 ft/lb with that machine. With a 8000 max rpm motor geared for 229mph that is about 2.7ish gearing. That is over 1000 ftlbs at the rear wheel at takeoff. Wonder if a 200mph+ hayabusa can lay down that much torque?

14 April 2011, 1615
Thanks N&V for the new link. I'm not technically minded enough to interpret all the data, but Hell For Leather has a cool interpretation.

On Sunday, Chip Yates’ electric superbike unofficially became the fastest electric motorcycle in the world, reaching 190.6mph in a timed mile. Here, Chip gives HFL readers an exclusive look at the performance data recorded during that run. Check out the lateral Gs and gyro yaw data recorded as the bike went into a 190mph wobble; that’s probably the best visualization of a tightened sphincter we’ve ever seen.

15 April 2011, 0329
HellForLeather is one of the very few sites that I actually pay for. I'm a "the internet is free" kind of guy, but HFL doesn't accept advertising and the guys that run it are two of the hardest working men in motorcycle "journalism." Plus, the comments are amazingly fun.

25 April 2011, 1105
Hell For Leather (http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2011/04/putting-chip-yates-190mph-electric-land-speed-record-in-perspective/) has a nice follow-up article on this event: "Putting Chip Yates’ 190mph electric land speed record in perspective."

Chip was racing in the Mojave Mile’s M1 class for stock motorcycles, where he placed 4th out of 14 competitors. But, compared to all bikes racing that day, even ones with turbochargers and nitrous oxide, he finished 8th out of 23. Including cars, 120 total vehicles participated in the event, Chip placed 20th.

Chip gave Hell For Leather a brief comment:
So what’s the point of all this? “Once again electric does compete directly against gasoline ,” says Chip. “Even turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous boosted gasoline powered vehicles, and respectably holds its own.”

Here's a link to the pdf of the results. (http://www.mojavemile.com/Final_Results_MMS3_2011.pdf)