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24 August 2010, 0305
Which is the most important point when looking for a motor?Torque or hp?

My goal is 45-50mph top speed so i think that i need more torque rather than many 'horses'....Am i right?

Which is the best motor on the market that meets the above statement?

24 August 2010, 0324
How heavy is your bike going to be?

Honestly, any of the standard motors- the Mars, Agni or the various other typical units that people run will have plenty of both, unless your bike is huge.

My vote would be the Mars ME0709- simple, totally documented by eleventy million builders...

24 August 2010, 0347
My bike is going to weight about 160-170kg...i hope so...its a Honda hornet 250....

Nuts & Volts
24 August 2010, 0520
HP is a function of torque and rpm (speed). HP=torque*rpm So i think they are both important. You say you want 50 mph so that is your top speed and you can gear that to match with your motors top speed. torque is the pulling force of the motor and this generally decreases as rpm increases.

When choosing a motor i think HP is an easier number to look at to see if you have enough power to get moving and keep moving. you can gear for more torque if needed.

Like Ted said almost all of the standard motors used for conversion will perform to your requirements. At your bike weight and your top speed you will probably only need 5 or 6 HP to keep moving. (more to accelerate ie 10HP maybe)