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17 April 2011, 0433

So, ummm. Anyone know anything about this? If you've been on the fence about paying the HFL guys a subscription, belly up to the bar, boys, this looks like an exclusive story:


What I like is this comment:
“Unlike the giants it will race against in the TTXGP series this year, it’s the size and weight of a 250GP bike. I’m hoping it goes like one too.”

You KNOW how I like light.

My gut tells me this sounds like a great idea that has no practical track record, and the realities of range and power are going to dawn on the designers as soon as they start running the thing, but I'm a cranky old skeptic like Dave... AND the Red Sox suck so far this season, making me even crankier.

I've got a query in to the guys building it, I'll update if I get news...

17 April 2011, 0807
Hey my Mariners are right there so I know how you feel Ted :(

17 April 2011, 0813
How do you think I feel?! I'm working with the Pirates here!

17 April 2011, 0922
Indians starting the season hot. BUT, we're from Cleveland, we know how this going to end.........

17 April 2011, 0931
Indians starting the season hot. BUT, we're from Cleveland, we know how this going to end.........

I've been interning in Toledo (in the fall and spring), so I watched a lot of Browns games. That's some heartbreak right there....

17 April 2011, 1017
oh, but LAST PLACE? please.

So, well, motorcycle-wise, Michael Uhlarik has responded, and I'm getting questions answered about the bike and the team on Wednesday. Mostly I'm interested it their intentions for the TTXGP, if you have any questions, let me know, I'll ask him. Stay tuned.

See a great post on HfL by Michael here: http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2010/06/motorcyclings-missing-link/

Nuts & Volts
17 April 2011, 1018
I've been interning in Toledo (in the fall and spring), so I watched a lot of Browns games. That's some heartbreak right there....

I feel your pain here, fortunately I split my love across the state and am a reds fan!

This bike sounds ok but an eCRP is 20lbs more and has twice the power with two agnis,now this bike might have more batteries...

17 April 2011, 1040
No pro sports teams here in Alaska so I can concentrate on being cranky for other reasons.

It's easy to make a bike the weight of a 250GP racer if you don't put any batteries in it.


26 April 2011, 1145
Here is another story with some great pictures. Integrating the battery box into the frame opens up a world of possibilities. I think we're going to see more of this in the future.


26 April 2011, 1421
Thought I'd dive in here and just say that is an awesome looking bike. Can't see where they'll drop the 50 lbs they're saying the P2 will be lighter than the P1. Now to get some high-power lightweight cells in there and see how it'll do against Motocysz, Brammo, and Lightning.

Nuts & Volts
26 April 2011, 1438
Yea that's an awesome looking bike. It is starting to convince me to build from scratch on my next build, but fat chance of that happening. I really want to see this against the eCRP and the mavizen before it takes on the bigger/high power bikes which i see as having a huge power advantage.

The only place I think they can easilly lose mass is either in the wheels or by relocating the motors to remove the jackshaft and extra chain. Maybe even some carbon fiber, but it sounded like they wanted to stick to non-exotic and non-composite materials.

26 April 2011, 1450
Did they mention what cells he's planning on using? I like the cooling ducts in his tank that lead straight back to each motor. I like the simplicity of it a lot though, looks like such a fun bike to ride.

26 April 2011, 1505
I agree, lose the jack shaft.

I did not see any mention of the batteries they're planning to use.

It would be cool if you could buy this as a rolling chassis. It would be so easy to build up compared to a gas conversion.

26 April 2011, 1513
What? No onboard charger?? :)

26 April 2011, 1704
And another...


26 April 2011, 1949
Pretty cool design. No rear brakes. Twin motors mounted high under the seat leaving the main framed in area for batteries. Definetly worth watching if they can meet claims.......

27 April 2011, 0325
I'm looking at this bike with some extreme skepticism. It all sounds great, a "stressed-skin aluminum monocoque frame" to keep the weight down, but I get back to, just how much weight are you going to really save, and how much does that do for you? I've got several questions in to the guy, but he didn't include me on the press release list so I didn't get the advance info... he's promised me some exclusive statements, but so far hasn't answered stuff like, is this your first build, etc... I honestly haven't had the chance to read much more, but I'm in airports all day today so I'm hoping to catch up.

I'm also really really interested with the whole 250 class scale of the thing, since the R5/RD350 scale of the bikes I love, but I really wonder if the realities of battery density are going to work with that. My biggest question was about actual runs and numbers, to see if it's even in the ballpark to do the TTXGP. I know I'm pretty sure I could fit about 3x the batteries I'm planning on my R5...

The guy has some interesting ideas about bike design that I share- he loves the small light bikes vs the superbike thing, and sees it as a gaping hole in the market, and there's no doubt he's a very experienced, knowledgeable, bright, informed guy... but we all know what happens when theory meets reality head-on. :D

He also made this statement on his press release:
"...the pair of aerospace enthusiasts looked to iconic aircraft construction for inspiration. The DeHavilland Mosquito was made of plywood and glue, using (by today's standards) low precision tools, and resulted in one of the highest performance fighter/bombers of the Second World War."

Gotta love a guy who likes plywood and glue... (they're doing a "stressed-skin aluminum monocoque motorcycle built around the batteries" though...)

...so I'ma be watchin this one...

27 April 2011, 0653
+1 for Extreme Skepticism.

Cool looking bike though. I hope they can turn their performance goals into reality.

27 April 2011, 0736
Infineon is in two and a half weeks. We'll find out soon enough.

BTW, anyone notice that the first Australian TTXGP is *this* weekend?

27 April 2011, 2010
Yep... going there... (the Australian one) and will report.
I know of TWO bikes for sure...
Catavolt (Enatrac Hub)
Ripperton (Motenergy ME0913)

One other could not get shipped in time
Voltron (Twin Agni)

I will start a thread after the weekend.