View Full Version : PG Drives Sigmadrive Sepex Controllers for sale! And cheap!

22 April 2011, 0927
Hey guys, I got an email from Mark at Barefoot motors and he apparently still has a bunch of Sigmadrives for sale. I bought one for 300 dollars about 6 months ago but he's letting them go for about 100 less now! Here's the email I got from him.

"i still have some of the controllers available a total of 20 of them selling the whole lot for only 150 a controller so 3000 for all 20 controllers plus shipping please let me know if you are interested in any of them i will sell thenm individualy for 190 plus 15 shipping each."

His email is:


A great low cost way to get a project up and running!

22 April 2011, 1017
I wouldn't mind a motor if he's got any sepex motors. Shoulda got one. I already have a sepex GE controller.

He said he has one programmer he thinks...