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16 August 2010, 2239
So much information posted before the crash :( I'd created a few threads hoping they would be "archived" for posterity. Lots of useful information from many members in the forums. Mike - give us some hope!

16 August 2010, 2241
The Electric Motorcycle Information Network has been stripped of its information. Thankfully the network still exists. I also hope the old threads get revived. Going back through threads and using the search was quite handy indeed.

16 August 2010, 2244
During the upgrade, the online database was altered and it was only discovered today that the backup was massively incomplete. The only hope is to find archived posts on google and to repost them.

17 August 2010, 0304
If you're looking for something specific, try a Google search for the key words you remember, plus "ElMoto". When you get the results, click the "cached" button. You may recover the Google cache of the pages you're looking for.

Then, of course, copy and paste as much of the content as you can into a new post here, on ELMOTO 2.0!

Thanks, Mike, for all the hard work!

17 August 2010, 0312
To be honest, I'm just happy it's back and we can get posting again!! :D

17 August 2010, 0759
If you're looking for something specific, try a Google search for the key words you remember, plus "ElMoto".

You can use the "site:elmoto.net" google search parameter too. Might be more exact...


New site looks great!

17 August 2010, 1007
Looks like Internet Archive last cached the site in 2008 :-(

18 August 2010, 1808
Anyone want to revisit the regen on a elmoto argument can we just hang'em instead? -Krazy

20 August 2010, 0254
Just got on after a crazy week at VIR and some family business. Glad to see everyone back.

20 August 2010, 0343
(it' a short drive :p )

Great to hear you've got your head above water, man, sorry to hear about all the drama (as well as the sad news...)!

26 August 2010, 0415
During the upgrade, the online database was altered and it was only discovered today that the backup was massively incomplete. The only hope is to find archived posts on Google and to repost them.

I have a script running and recovered about 100 pages now
But it takes insane long time to not get banned from Sites like google, so probably several months to do many pages... I will try my best to help.

But how about the pictures ? You still have them full size also in the original Folder?

Be careful, I'm just guessing now:
-For example, probably not a very good idea to now fill up with new albums/pictures in exact same naming but different new pictures.., that will get in a massive name/ID/address conflict with the old ones, before the pages are reconstructed... :eek:

For example:
http://www.elmoto.net/elmotopics/1/708cf97e92930a981fa56c2162138c44_1187.jpeg?dl=1277 058754

is still the first *thumbnail* picture on the page with id 38:


So, Please dont overwrite with new pictures in the same url-scheme before we have reconstruction plan ready,

I am *not* a programmer, but we might can save some of the site values this way if careful now not to overwrite the old cached things ..with new different data, in same id/urls.. Hehe.

(Pls. Sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand me anyway.)
// John

A Sample page made today, but only the thumbnails so far:


26 August 2010, 0424
You now have the Honored Title of "Master of Space and Time". Incredible work, man!

26 August 2010, 0514
Cool John, thanks a bunch. Can't wait to see what you can recover, that would be awesome!

LOL -----> Ted, Juiced! I just saw the back and forth now from a week ago! hahaha

Tony Coiro
26 August 2010, 0553
Great work John, although you might've started with a more useful album than mine. ;)

26 August 2010, 0603
hehe, Time...
..Yes, And sadly it also take an incredible time to do it.... and got banned by google several times for doing to many now, and I like to get the structure also, not just random downloads, will take many months probably (?) I am no programmer

The pictures from the albums is probably in most danger now, but I do not know.
Maybe we all should not upload new before we know.

I can not automated now save the images,
(they are still there on elmoto.net it seems, but if reference is overwriten with new, we will not find them again I guess. Never..

so it is for now the pages and link-ID to the original pictures I can save, not the actual pictures.

Therefore I guess it is Important to use new IDs for all new entries in databases to be able to recover as much as possible of the old info and links to pictures.

Hmm, did that English language usage "compute"? haha ;-)

// John

26 August 2010, 0626

Example of old cached data as seen in the picture in my first post above. The 1st thumbnails locations:
(But lost reference in the database at elmoto.net I assume (?) can be fixed I guess. )
(also lost reference, but the pictures is still there, as long as we dont overwrite, we can find them ..I guess, example from album ID 38:
http://www.elmoto.net/elmotopics/1/708cf97e92930a981fa56c2162138c44_1187.jpeg?dl=1277 058754 (the first thumbnails address when shown in the screen in my last post here above.)

Single Album ID8 pictures (OLD, and new taken out today) Examples here of the conflicts in cache:
http://www.ongrid.se/elmoto_originalAlbum8_cacheRestoreConflicts..ongri d.se.PNG
Trivolt 500
1969 Triumph 500cc frame with a bolt on hardtail. '84 yamaha front end (XS400), with a '78 Honda rear wheel. 72 volts, Perm 132 motor, Alltrax 7234 controller, no contactor- circuit breaker. 22ah B&B lead gel cells.
Oops...:O Now it is:

Maybe I misunderstand, (?) but it seems to me like we should *stop* creating new albums / posting images before we know more.

// John