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Justin St. Giles Payne
23 April 2011, 1146
Hi all, been reading the forum for a few weeks now and thought I'd delurk and give some words of appreciation. Really enjoying the forum and the incredibly illuminating discussions. I've been nursing an obsession with electric motorcycles lately and the expertise on display here only adds fuel to the fire.

I don't have a project yet - I've never even ridden a motorcycle! - but I'm getting a lot of good ideas. Noah's GSX-E made me completely re-think the quality/cost equation for EV motorcycles (and it looks just plain badass.) It'll probably be several months at least before I'm ready to even start a build of my own (I'd have to learn to ride, first!) but what I've already read has been invaluable.

In the meantime, I'm about to finish up a BS in biochemistry, and I'm about half a hacker with some Java and Arduino skills; I've seen that a few of your projects include the latter, so maybe I can contribute something there.

23 April 2011, 1152
Welcome! Abandon All Hope Ye Who De-Lurk Here! (...that is to say, I give you 2 weeks before you start shopping for a rolling chassis... :D)

Justin St. Giles Payne
23 April 2011, 1217
Don't tell my wife but I'm already looking on craigslist.

Just looking, though, I swear!

Nuts & Volts
23 April 2011, 1219
...I don't have a project yet - I've never even ridden a motorcycle!

Haha that was me! Welcome and your arduino skills could definitely help Dave out! Might save him a few goodies

Let us know if you have any questions

23 April 2011, 1315
And so it begins....I blame Noah!

23 April 2011, 1400
Welcome the the funny farm, where EV's reign supreme that the humor is generally bad.

Keep us posted!

23 April 2011, 2149
Welcome Justin! Glad I could inspire you...I got lots of inspiration from folks here.