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01 May 2011, 0743
We have talked about LED headlights on here before. The issue seems to be that here is no/few DOT approved LED headlights. I saw this, and thaught I would pass it along:

Harley Davidson LED headlight (http://www.harley-davidson.com/gma/gma_product.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=84552444877579 2&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302514675&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=2534374302514675&bmUID=1282105818401&bmLocale=en_US)

It IS, however, stupid expensive @ nearly $400!

01 May 2011, 0753
These 7" lamps are available from several sources


01 May 2011, 1004
Those say 4.5A for high beam, 2.5A for low. That seems like a lot, it's about the same as regular incandescent bulbs.

I run an LED replacement bulb for my low beam during the day. It was about $9 on ebay, drop in replacement. Not DOT, but I've never had a problem. I run my regular high beam at night.

01 May 2011, 1826
J. W. Speaker make DOT approved headlights (even more expensive than above) http://www.jwspeaker.com/other/led-headlamps that draw 2.5 amps (12 volts) for each beam. I have been thinking about it but not yet bit the bullet.

01 May 2011, 1904
If these LED headlights are 2.5A, then don't do it for the energy savings. A typical halogen bulb is 60W, which is 5A on the 12V system. But if you're running 72V, it's only drawing 0.83A from the pack. If you go with a 2.5A LED light, you save a whopping 0.4A.

I put in an LED low beam, but mostly for the looks.

01 May 2011, 2011
Ok I said 12 v as most use aux power for headlight, indicators etc. JW speaker ones work at 12v and 24 volt and use less current (1.3) at 24 volts. They have a led driver circuit in them and will handle a range of input voltage (not sure total range) and the current use drops and voltage increases. Some of the lights I linked to (if you go to more info) use 1 amp (12 volt) for low and 2 amp (12 volt) for high. So they would be using about half the power of halogens.

These guys tend to sell more lights to emergency service vehicles not for the saving of power but for longevity of the lights especially when they are flashing most of the time....

01 May 2011, 2056
True, longevity is nice (although the $9 ones I got were Chinese ebay specials...so who knows).

02 May 2011, 0751
dont worry fellows - i work for a sign company and there was a time when we wouldnt even considered using LED's compared to incadescent bulbs and neon lighting for our applications - but sales reps are coming out with brighter and cheaper lighting solutions constantly - neon lit channel letters and cabinets using light bulbs are a thing of the past here. some of the LED lights we use are extremely bright and affordable... these are the products we use...


11 May 2012, 0023
we been using LEDs led strip lights (http://www.ledstrips8.com/) to light our signs we produce for several years now - the LED's have become very impressive... flexible led strip (http://www.ledstrips8.com/flexible-led-strip-lights-c-32.html)

right now at this moment - GE is producing the brightest LED... LED Light Bars (http://www.ledstrips8.com/led-light-bars-c-38.html)
all of the newer Hobby Lobby stores that we build signs for are all LED...

11 May 2012, 1650
Aaagh...my Zero's headlamp nacelle doesn't accept full round headlamps like the links show (and that's all I've seen). I need to do something about it, because the light on it is wimpy compared to the 3-light setup on my Road King (and what's with the double-wimpy little flashlight bulb above it?). It looks like my best bet for a drop-in replacement is a HID retrofit kit, as it's essentially just a bulb replacement inside the housing (with the electronics mounting externally).

Capt. Red Beard
26 November 2013, 0915
Here are a few that I have been looking at:




It would be nice to find something more efficient though.

Let me know your thoughts.