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19 May 2011, 1541
Well, I've found my way here after years of "wheel spinning" about building an EV and more and more it seemed most logical to start with a two-wheeled project (I've been riding since the day before I turned 16....20 years ago).

I'll be lurking around here for the next few months absorbing as much as I can while I wait for the right donor ride to reveal itself to me. Sure seems like there's a lot to learn yet at the same time it's not all that difficult (unless you ask the gas companies that is). Saw the Brammos and fell in love with them but not so much in love with the price tag.

If there are any Albertan or Canadian elMoto riders out there drop me a line. Getting stuff to Canada might have it's own "kncak" about it.

And anywhere you all can point me as a good starting off point here would be great. This is a HUGE resource you have here!

19 May 2011, 2041
Welcome! Lots of builds to check out and people ready to help. Battery space is at a premium in ElMotos so consider the belly space in donor candidates. Keep us updated on your progress.

Nuts & Volts
19 May 2011, 2057
Hello and welcome. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We're (most of us :)) here to help!

1.) Be nice
2.) Pictures or it didnt happen
3.) El Motos rule - chicks dig 'em (or at least that's what Ted told me)
4.) Have fun and be safe

That about covers it :cool:

20 May 2011, 0240
1.) Be nice...

Wait, what? Awwww.

WELCOME! Chicks DO dig 'em, and if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit over here with me... :D

20 May 2011, 0802
gotta set for me ted?....welcome to my favorite forum!

20 May 2011, 0843
wait a minute, why does Ted get all the chicks? dang...

welcome to the friendliest place on the net macboy - so what kinda of motorcycle project do you have in mind - photos and ideals please...

21 May 2011, 1912
Good day. I've just joined El Moto today... referred by podolefsky. I'm from Stony Plain, so just 1/2 a charge's worth of riding from good ol' Edmonton. Have you found a bike yet? I've been working on this for about 2 yrs, 1 with my current bike. Let me know if need any help.

23 May 2011, 1308
Hey Foz - that's awesome to hear there's a local on here!

I have to admit. I'm squarely on the fence on committing. I was all gung ho when I joined here and ready to order the kits but another forum has me really wondering how bad and why I want to do this. It had quite a few on there saying "Just realize that by the time you're done you could have just bought a production model with better range etc. etc. etc." Have some more research to do I guess. LOTS more.

The tipping point for me would be if there was a way to do this build but using components (motor, controller, BMS) that I could then take to a four wheeled build (car). Is this possible or does it make the bike project not only more expensive but also less efficient? I do have a line developing on a '98 GSXR but fear he might be hoping for too much. I'll know soon enough. I'll post over on your thread and see if we can maybe grab a coffee.

23 May 2011, 1326
The comment about buying a production bike is true, up to a point.

1. Cost - unless you live somewhere that offers sizeable tax incentives I think poduction bikes are probably more expensive. This would certainly be the case for me.

2. Speed/range - depends on many factors, most notably what the manufacturer offers. I think my bike is comparable in speed/range to a production bike. If cost is equal then the production bike wins out on warranty and after sales service. Unless of course you decide you want to modify it in any way, maybe to increase performance, and then that advantage disappears as you void the warranty.

23 May 2011, 1337
Thanks Dave (nice to see this forum so active!) I just didn't want to rehash a discussion that's probably had every other day. I understand the reality COULD be so but I also know that (for me anyway) a project of this nature is not about doing it on the cheap - it's about doing it. Period. For me it'd be the challenge, the reward and the learning and educating of others.

I'm gonna log my mileage on our next "Friday night coffee run" and see what I need. Maybe a clear understanding of that will help me decide what to do here. Is there any cross compatibility in Elmoto components and Elcaro projects?

23 May 2011, 1358
There's no significant compatibility between bikes and cars that I can think of. While the prinicple components are the same, (batteries, motor, controller), you're going to need a bigger motor and heftier controller for a car. You could use the same type of batteries but you'd need substantially more.

23 May 2011, 1410
I'm definitely not an expert on this, but sure can go over what I'd do different the next time.
Just sent you a PM.

This site sure has a lot of knowledgeable members, so this will be a great site for resouces.

23 May 2011, 1411
... and a great site for RESOURCES as well!!

Nuts & Volts
23 May 2011, 1420
Well therotically you could use everything you use for a motorcycle and double or triple it to run a car. Batteries are the same, but you will need more. The you can add another motor and controller pair and run two motors. I would actually get a different motor if I was making a car thou.

23 May 2011, 1601
Street bike and my MIATA will be sharing controller, batteries (half of them anyways), plus a handful of other items. Takes alot of work to do it but that's what makes it fun!

23 May 2011, 1642
I have a friend with a bug conversion. It's got 72V lead acid, Alltrax 7245 and an ADC 8" motor. It goes about 35 mph. Only difference between that and my bike is that I've got lithium and a 6.7" motor. Probably pretty similar power-wise.

Any conversion with an HPEVS AC motor is going to be <130V, usually more like 96V nominal (even with the AC-50, that's just the Curtis controller limit).

If you keep in mind that the pre-1945 bugs had about 25 HP, kind of puts it in perspective. You wouldn't want to take it on the highway, but it would get you around town if you just want a project.

28 May 2011, 2119
So. I think I'm gonna give this a go here. I found a '98 GSXR 750 roller with a baked engine for a good price. Is this just as good a platform as any or is there reason to steer clear?

28 May 2011, 2120
(Sorry - new to adding pictures here ; )

28 May 2011, 2206
That should be as good as any I think, especially if everything is good apart from the engine.

28 May 2011, 2244
Check out Coninsan's 97 GSX-R build (http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?1110-GSX-R-Resurrected&highlight=coninsan). Very similar chassis (if not identical). He's done some very nice work.

29 May 2011, 0628
That should be as good as any I think, especially if everything is good apart from the engine.

Can't agree more. Make sure the bike is in good condition. My bike right now need's just about every last thing redone and its a real pain in the ass when what you really want to do is just get some batteries and a motor in and take it out for a spin.

29 May 2011, 0828
I actually bought a Miata with a thought to be blown engine 3 years ago ...prior to converting the Ninja. Turned out the motor wasn't blown, just a slipped timing belt. So I fixed it and have been driving it ever since...great spring / summer car. Figured I'd drive it till batterys got cheaper then convert it.

Street bike and my MIATA will be sharing controller, batteries (half of them anyways), plus a handful of other items. Takes alot of work to do it but that's what makes it fun!