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24 May 2011, 0349
Hey kids! I gots a SPONSOR!

Back when I was trying to put the XC ride together and build my first bike, a guy named Harry Rakfeldt contacted me through a LinkedIn post, about how he, and his AMSOIL synthetic lube product line could help... Honestly I was kind of skeptical about if it was a good fit, but we had some really great conversations and he's got a great, positive attitude and a whole lot of experience.

The XC ride had to get canned, but he's kept touch and has seen the stuff I've been working on and jumped in this past week to sponsor The Electric Chronicles and the R5e build.

The whole "Green" aspect of synthetic lubricants is something I never really considered, as well as the need for lubes on an electric bike. Well, I'm now the proud owner of several AMSOIL products- their fork oil, chain lube, grease, spray lubricant as well as waterless cleaning products- something particularly suited to electric bikes.

Harry's a "Direct Jobber" for AMSOIL, (basically a Distributor), but sells to consumers as well as dealers. He keeps up several support sites, but his main site is here:

Anyway, I just wanted to give Harry a shoutout here, and maybe open up the discussion to the lube thing... certainly the absence of TRANSMISSIONS (:O) and oil changes and things is one of the big reasons EVs are attractive, but we still need the lubes... any thoughts?

24 May 2011, 0609
You deserve it. You are dogged, like me.

I try not to do that.
Usually somthing blows up, ( AKA: CAUTION: Science on progress)

24 May 2011, 0631
Most definitely - congratulations Ted - just remember us little people as you move up the ladder... good job Sir...

24 May 2011, 0640
You deserve it. You are dogged, like me.

HA! Stubborn and bullheaded was how my momma always said that... :D (or was that pigheaded?)

Thanks guys! I'm going to try to put together a little more informative post on the whole synthetic lube angle of the green economy. It's not something I really ever thought much about, honestly...

24 May 2011, 0700
actually i think about it all the time - my broom closet has many different chain lubes and bearing greases, all my cycles are kept very clean and well lubed...

24 May 2011, 2235
green tranny lube

there, I said it...

25 May 2011, 0328
I think you owe me a beer for that set-up, Noah. :D

Just got some more information from Harry...

One of the things that occurred to me in the conversation. Running AMSOIL products (AMSOIL was the company that first produced synthetic oils back in the '70s, and the big oil companies tagged along with their own, and sometimes petrochemical-derived products, BTW)... allows me to say that the bike is running 100% fossil free, and 100% independent of Big Oil.

...now to set up that solar charger! :cool:

26 May 2011, 0137
Awesome Ted!