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25 May 2011, 1538
An iPad 2 up for grabs for the winning design of a triple clamp for the Amarok P1


25 May 2011, 1554
wait, I thought they were using a hossack front?

why use clipons and not a full handlebar?

25 May 2011, 1603
"Michael Uhlarik May 24, 2011 at 3:10 am


Triple Clamp

Often erroneously called a “top yoke”, this solid part, typically cast in aluminum or steel (on low cost motorcycles), is a bridge that connects the two vertical stansions of the telescopic front forks, and the central steering pivot. In traditional applications, it is a highly stressed, fully structural part on which the total loads exerted on the front wheel (anything from 40% to 100% of total vehicle mass + inertia, depending on conditions).

Amarok P1 Triple Clamp

On the P1, the triple clamp has largely similar functions, with one KEY EXCEPTION : it DOES NOT take loads of the vehicle, only the rider. The entire front wheel, suspension system and its mass and related forces are directed through other parts, leaving the triple clamp free to perform one role : direct rider steering inputs into the steering linkages (connected to the M6 threaded holes in the 75mm “block” at the front), and support the rider’s upper body under severe braking."

"Michael Uhlarik May 24, 2011 at 3:17 am

The use of clip-on handlebars is purely for ergonomic fine tuning, using well proven and easily available standard parts. The P1 is very far from optimized, but for our test schedule we will continue to use this solution. So no, you cannot integrate the grips, ‘bars, etc."

25 May 2011, 1624

i understand for the tuning part.

25 May 2011, 1626
How much is an iPad 2 worth? (To those who don't think it's worthless. ;)) Seems like a cheap way to get your parts designed. :D

25 May 2011, 1733
Yeah, I don't want an iPad 2 even a little bit.

25 May 2011, 1819
yeah. um. Crowdsourcing CAD. An idea whose time has come... (not?)

25 May 2011, 1836
I think it's more about getting people involved, to get a viral following going. Sort of like what Local Motors has been doing.