View Full Version : Leaking (venting?) AGM?

31 May 2011, 0159
I was topping off some old scooter batteries for the lawnmower, and noticed a puddle after the battery had been charging for an hour or so. The battery was fully charged (using an automotive trickle charger) and I set it aside on a rag, but once I stopped charging the leak stopped. The battery wasn't hot, and it's showing a nice 13+V charge, and there are no cracks I can see on the case. There are, however, a couple of small holes that look like vents on the bottom.

Is this normal? I've never seen it before... the acid that leaked maybe amounted to a few tablespoons.

31 May 2011, 0314
Vents on the bottom? Never heard of that either. Have you tried a load test on it?

31 May 2011, 0329
Here's what they look like... forgive the out of focus, I'm still on my first cuppa. :D



Nope, haven't done much except to wipe it up.

31 May 2011, 0338
They do look like vents, but on the bottom?....weird.

They may be "emergency? relief vents if the top units clog?

31 May 2011, 0355
yep... I took a little of my AMSOIL Miracle Wash (waterless wash and polish, available from http://www.syn-lubes.com/ :D) and cleaned off the case. I'm not sure what those little things are, but it was pretty obviously coming from the top cover, not from the things in the bottom.

Looking a little closer, I saw this little "open" arrow, and remembered I'd taken the cover off on one a while ago, and there are vents under there.


Not sure why it was overflowing though...