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07 June 2011, 0524
I've decided to sell my motorcycle the one shown in my avatar. I enjoyed designing and building it, but I'm just not riding it enough to justify the space it takes up in my tiny workshop/garage. The bike is fully UK road legal and correctly registered on the V5 as an electric motorcycle. It has a current tax disc and is MOT'd until mid-September. The bike has passed the last three MOTs without a problem.

Cosmetically, it's in reasonable condition. The wheels have been repainted with smooth Hammerite and I recently resprayed the tank and mudguard using rattle cans, with a couple of coats of lacquer to finish off.

The only real problem is that I just blew up the BMS ... again ... so the buyer will need to fit a suitable BMS. The rear tyre also has a very slow leak.

My build thread and photos are here: http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?606-Cagiva-Planet-125

Specs are as follows:

Model: Cagiva Planet 125 year 2000
Motor: Original Etek brushed permanent magnet DC, 8hp continuous, roughly 15-20hp peak. New brush set will be fitted before sale.
Controller: Alltrax 7245 controller, max. 90V, 450A, currently set at 250A peak. Programmable using serial cable.
Battery pack: 72 x LifeBatt 10Ah cells, arranged 24s3p for 76V 30Ah. The cells are around 3 years old and have had less than 50 charge cycles. Never overcharged or over-discharged.
Throttle: Magura.
DC/DC converter (12V for lights, etc.) designed for marine use, fully potted.
Charging: Two onboard LifeBatt 36V 8A chargers, one charging each half-pack.
Contactor: Kilovac EV200
Circuit breaker: Airpax 250A
Instrumentation: Drain Brain (now Cycle Analyst)
BMS: none
Speed: 65 mph
Range: 15-25 miles

I'm offering the bike with or without the lithium cells. If the existing battery boxes were filled with LiPo it could give a significant increase in range.

Pricing is difficult, but I'm asking 1950 as is, or 1200 without cells.