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08 June 2011, 1158
Back on El Moto V1.0 I had a build thread for my first conversion, but that is gone. Sorry here is a spec summary of my first build
1989 Suzuki Katana 600 - low compression in cylinder 3 - $450 clean title
-no mechanical work needed so far (only filled some brake fluid:))
Agni 95R w/ 5:1 gearing - 24lbs, 26kW peak
GBS 60Ah cells - 72V, 125lbs, 10C peak
Kelly KD72401 - 72V, 400A with regen
Custom Paint & Body work by the father

Top speed: ~65-70mph
Range:~50miles, rode ~34miles, at 45-50mph average to 65% DOD
Accel: N/A, good from 20-40mph
Notes: Only ran about 10-20 cycles, max of 180A from batteries ever seen, never ran batteries below 34%SOC

Upgrade 2011
My El Moto craze has forced me to make a battery upgrade this summer. I went with EIG cells from a wonderful member from El moto. I plan to run a 21s5p or 22s5p of 3.7V 20Ah cells for a ~8kWh pack. The new pack will be 2x the power, 2x the energy, equal weight, 3/4x the volume, and comparable cost to the GBS pack ($/kWh). I hope for a range of over 100miles and may push for even high numbers ;)

Additional tasks this summer
- Test Alltrax 7245 against Kelly KD72401 on same bike (with equal current limit)
- Planetary 2speed experiments
- Bruce's KISS BMS

For those that may be interested I interned for Tesla for the past 5 months. Most of my pay check will be going to these upgrades (so technically my project is funded by Tesla :) hehe). I drove a Roadster twice and tried to sell one to my dad :) No Model S or Rav4 rides, but those cars will be some EV gamechangers. Even while there I missed my El Moto everyday and am happy to be back to the grind (minus school work).

Pictures and videos to come...stay tuned

08 June 2011, 1254
Care to elaborate on the EIG cells? I have never heard of them. But I'm looking to replace my lead acid batteries, so looking for options.

And, uh, Nutshock is just a bad name for an elmoto!

08 June 2011, 1300
Love the name!

Those cells aren't LiFepO4 right? They've got cobalt in them? I'm trying to remember what you said for cycle life in a previous conversation we had but I can't quite remember what it was.

Nuts & Volts
08 June 2011, 1314
Haha, i still hadnt named the bike so I had to commit to something. :D

The cells specs are here (http://liionbms.com/pdf/eig/ePLBC.pdf), the CO20 cells. Another spec sheet here (http://www.eigbattery.com/eng/product/3.jpg). I can tell you that they are not readily available and I bought the last of them.

I have seen cycle life that shows 2000 cycles at 80%DOD and have seen 1000-1500cycles at 100%DOD. The chemistry is LiNiCoMnO2, commonly called NCM cells in the industry.

Got a few goodies in the mail :) all 40 cells in picture are perfectly balanced at 3.77V, brilliant!

PS just placed a bid on this guy (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.m748&item=260797397350&viewitem=&_trkparms=clkid%3D488731294656888386):)

08 June 2011, 1322
I'm jealous, but at the same time it's good to see pictures of my future cells. :D

08 June 2011, 1332
170 wh-hr / kg babycakes!! 5C continuous discharge. Pretty impressive.
For reference, a SE cell is about 95 wh-hr, and 5c is there peak,

08 June 2011, 1436
Yeah, these look really nice, similar to the A123 pouch cells. I hope they become available at some point.

Nuts & Volts
08 June 2011, 1936
Ok so i have been messing with my Kelly. It seems the 5V out is actually at 11.5V so my throttle is not working probably, also the LED is not lighting up. I am going to try to talk to the controller in a few minutes and see if I can fix anything. Report back soon

08 June 2011, 2047
Nice name :)

The EIG cells are rated at 5C continuous and 10C for 30 seconds. Whereas Thundersky has a bad habit of exaggerating their LFP specs, the EIG cells really do perform as advertised. A local battery guy has been cycle testing TS and at >95% DOD they are really bad, losing capacity so rapidly that they may barely get 300 cycles before deteriorating to 80% of original capacity. TS may be able to get 2000 cycles probably at most @70-80% DOD. EIG LiPo cells, on the other hand, get minimum 1000 cycles at 100% DOD and increase substantially as DOD decreases.

08 June 2011, 2058
I am going to try to talk to the controller in a few minutes and see if I can fix anything. Report back soon
Make sure to use a stern voice.

Nuts & Volts
08 June 2011, 2102
Good info Chef!

After some voltages measuring I finally remembered my Kelly issues. The PWR IN on the controller actually needs 18V or more. With my GBS cells I was taping off the 7th cell to get 20-22V into the controller. I totally forgot about that. So for testing I can use a 5s LiPo setup and order a 72 to 24V DC/DC to power the controller. Anyone know, can the Alltrax be powered with 12V? Any links to some cheap vicor DC/DC?

Wheel spin and maybe ride tomorrow! Videos to come

Dave - I convinced it to talk back by hooking a 5s LiPo pack to it and threated to short the batteries :)

Nuts & Volts
16 June 2011, 2057
Been working on and off on a few things the last couple of days.

I have a Large Screen Cycle Analyst on the way. I will be mating to a SD card data logger that I bought off of Sparkfun. I also have a 15W,12V to 24V DC/DC to power my controller. Will install this tomorrow. Received an Alltrax 7245 Wed and successfully programmed it today. Will test this weekend if i can. Got a Celllog 8S and modded it this afternoon, will test soon as well.

I have been wiring up five 21s 20Ah packs of my EIG cells. I had to manually charge/discharge a few cells, but successfully bulk charged the 21s pack with my Elite (EPS) charger. However I have found that this charger puts out over 87.2V which puts me over the 4.15V per cell HVC. So my charging solution is still up in the air right now...

I have a Zivan NG1 (84V lead firmware) and a direct plug Cycle Analyst that I may be looking to get ride of in the near future.


17 June 2011, 0805
the alltrax uses pack voltage, so you should be good if you use that one. Get a DC rated relay (KUEP-3D55-12 is a nice one).

Looking forward to seeing these cells in action. I'm considering these for a small(ish) go-kart project with an AC setup.....

17 June 2011, 0839
The cells specs are here (http://liionbms.com/pdf/eig/ePLBC.pdf), the CO20 cells. Another spec sheet here (http://www.eigbattery.com/eng/product/3.jpg). I can tell you that they are not readily available and I bought the last of them.

Looking forward to seeing these cells in action. I'm considering these for a small(ish) go-kart project with an AC setup.....

Is it possible to get these cells? They look like a great choice if they are available.

17 June 2011, 0938
I think so, I'll check my contacts to see if they have a source.... they look good on paper

Nuts & Volts
02 July 2011, 0637
I have been hard at work with both school and this bike. I have created a new charging setup that I will discuss once I have it figured out completely. It involves some large power supplies and some DC/DC converters. I have been doing a lot of soldering which fairly new to me. With this new setup I will have both an off board high power charger (2-3 hour charge) and an on board charger (6-7 hour charge).

Using my little RC charger I have 4 22s packs that are relatively balanced and paralleled up ready to be installed in the bike. I still need need to parallel them on the cell level with thin wire but this will be done later. These paralleled wires will then feed out to 3 cell-logs 8s which will function as my BMS (HVC and LVC) for now. I have modded the cell-logs so that all 8 cells have a relatively even drawn (mod discussed somewhere on the forum).

My large screen cycle analyst has arrived and I was able to successfully data log from it with this (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9530) guy. I also was able to data log with my alltrax (has been mounted on bike) with my pc. The last form of data will also come from the cell-logs. I will be number crazy soon :)

So yesterday I was tried to figure out my throttle (0-5V hall effect) with the alltrax. Good news i was able to verify all of my HV and LV wiring and everything checks out well. Bad news is that I learned that if you put reverse polarity on a hall effect sensor you can break it :(. So i have two dead throttles and a magura on order. The alltrax didnt seem to like the way I was hooking up the throttle (or im an idiot :)) which lead me to trying to wire it different ways.

Big things left to do
-cut and mount my ABS dash (CA, cell-cell logs, switches, indicator LEDs, and phone/GPS speedo)
-machine two additional copper busbars
-more solder for charging setup
-mount batteries
-install cell level paralleling wiring

Once my throttle arrives I will have a video of my riding on a 72V10Ah turnigy lipo pack :)

slowly getting back up to riding form


Controller (alltrax) mounted under the controller to gain some space and lower some weight. Programming cable wired to dash

Old controller space (under seat) used for proper contactor, fuse and shunt mounting. 2nd contactor is for charger circuit http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z160/buckboom00/NutShock%20V1_5/DSC02598.jpg

06 July 2011, 0850
Looking good!
watch the distance between the conductor and that shunt contact. It's a little close. Even with tape, its a little close.

Nuts & Volts
06 July 2011, 0907
Looking good!
watch the distance between the conductor and that shunt contact. It's a little close. Even with tape, its a little close.

Yea I should probably go back and trim that busbar. My thinking is the worst that will happen is that I will accidentally bypass that shunt (50mV drop) which isnt dangerous just pointless/idiotic really.

Additionally I want to say that I signed up for the Vetter Fuel Mileage Challenge at Mid-Ohio on July 22nd. I plan to have a 10 or 15 Ah or Turnigy cells to boost my pack up to 9kWh, i will probably also set the kelly up instead of the alltrax so that I can use regen on the trip. It is a 110 mile trip (http://www.craigvetter.com/images/2011-fuel-economy-contests-images/2011-Vintage-days/2011-VMD-Vetter-map.jpg) at probably an average of 50mph with 8 miles of highway riding. I am hoping to get at least 70 miles. My testing this week/weekend should let me know what i can expect out of the bike.

More to come

06 July 2011, 0918
Sounds great! Keep us posted.

Nuts & Volts
10 July 2011, 0927
So on friday evening I got a whole new LiPo EV grin :)

I took a 7.6mile ride on a 20s2p 5Ah 20c turnigy pack (80V down to 69V) My Alltrax 7245 was set at 70% power and 70% speed, Agni 95R was at neutral timing. I topped out at 50mph (gps confirmed) The best news is I pulled 250-280A peak out of the 10Ah pack! (@3.3V/cell). I took about 7Ah out a ill matched pack. The battery was a warm to the touch during and after the ride. I would guess that the batteries were up to around 100F or so. I sent a max of 340A to the motor and definitely had some nice pull off the line. I think a 22s 20Ah pack of turngiy cells, an agni and a 250lb bike would be amazing for quick little track bike.

Bad news/good news is I accidentally ran a few cells below 3V. At least 4 cells were down around 2.8V (had 3 cell logs, so only measured 17cells). Most recovered (unloaded) back up above 3V. I was able to charge the lowest pack back up to 4.1V with no ill effects so far. I havent had time to charge the other packs back up, but no puffy or other side effects are present

Video uploading (90min left)... will post link later

Also I took a short ride on the EIG cells last night, but didnt get any CA or celllog data. Looking at the alltrax data I did pull about 160A peak, rode 8 miles on 7Ah at about ~80-90wh/mile with no front fairings on. I also went ahead and advanced the brushes on the agni to help increase the eff a little bit.

Going on a ride later today and should hopefully get some good/accurate CA data. I will post some graphs later this week cuz I have a midterm on tuesday.

Questions, concerns??


10 July 2011, 1127
Thanks for the update!

Nuts & Volts
10 July 2011, 1936
For your viewing pleasure (sorry its kinda long and not full of too many interesting things). I'll hopefully make some more interesting videos in the future.

HD version here

<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/P1F2G-l6KR8?hl=en&fs=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

10 July 2011, 1944
Any pictures of the bike besides the front wheel? :D

Nuts & Volts
11 July 2011, 0529
Not for you dave, but everyone else can look

Current dash tape up :)

Battery layout

View of ride


really need those front fairings, a windscreen, and a cushion on the tank for when i tuck in
a few more here http://s194.photobucket.com/albums/z160/buckboom00/NutShock%20V1_5/

11 July 2011, 0819
sweet man!

Nuts & Volts
16 July 2011, 1924
Alright, so charging as been kinda a headache. I have been trying to figure out different high power (2kW+) charging setups with different power supplies and another portable setup with DC/DC converters. These have given me some problems so i sidelined them. I need a charging setup so I just bought two 48V Meanwell clone supplies (~$80 shipped) and tied them in series and limited the supply to about 5-6A. This is a super slow charge (10-11 hr), but makes for a simple and easy on board charger.

Setup. Multimeter is measuring the current to the pack

I tuned the voltage to 45V each (90V total) and did a current limiting mod to save the supplies from themselves. Here is a good write up on these mods

More on the high power stuff lata...

Nuts & Volts
22 July 2011, 1850
Very good day of riding for the electric bikes at Mid-Ohio in the Vetter Challenge. The gas bikes did well too, the mpg winner was at ~156mpg on an nx250 with a big front bubble fairing.

Anyways 3 electric bikes showed up and raced. Current Motors (http://www.pluginamerica.org/vehicles/c ... es-scooter) co-founder brought one of their rides. I brought my electric katana and Kraig Schultz (http://www.schultzengineering.us/) brought his delta-11. As electrics we made the decision to ride at the 55mph pace for only the first 36miles and then recharge and turn around. All three of us accomplished this without slowing anyone down. Well the Current Motors had some power loss because the motor overheated some, they are working on things to improve this. The awesome thing is that the rest of their software and everything works flawlessly, i was highly impressed.

We traveled on 55mph roads and rode at about the speed. I stayed tucked behind my small windscreen the whole time to minimize losses. According to my CA I averaged 48mph over those 37 miles and peaked at 62mph downhill. I used 3.066kWh over 35 miles (reset the CA 2 miles in) and got 88.1 wh/mile. I think i pulled 180A max out of my 100Ah pack. We stopped and charged, but I only got 5Ah back into my pack. On the way pack we took a slower pace at an average of 30.1mph and I was able to get 75.5wh/mile or 2.5 kWh over ~35 miles (still tucked). Overall I used about 65Ah out of 100Ah and my cells are still sitting at 80.1V (3.64V/cell on EIG cells). It felt great to get some great performance numbers.

Process of cells
Charged to 90.6V (4.118V/cell)
Discharge 10Ah at 2A with lights (trying to get lower V for kelly to turn on)
Discharged 37Ah
Charged 5Ah
Discharged 32Ah
so really something like 74Ah out of 100Ah and the resting voltage (3.64V/cell) indicates 30% SOC left

Next year I will be traveling the whole 100miles and having the best mpg (well MPGe). I can probably do 90wh/mile so i need about 1.6kWh or ~20Ah more at 90%DOD to do 100 miles. Planning on getting a narrower chassis and some sort front dustbin. Screw the grocery bag requirement! haha

Side notes; I wanted to run my kelly for regen but i keep getting OV error even at 89V at the pack. At 84V on a turnigy pack it worked. For some reason the programming software gave me errors and i could access the last two pages of the software and couldn't check the OV setting. So at 1030 last night i re-installed the alltrax, unfortunately the alltrax max speed is set at 70% and i cant communicate with the alltrax to change this. I was quite nervous about this in morning. Fortunately I only ran out of top speed 1 mile out. I need to figure out my controller communication and OV errors soon. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Hope you enjoyed all the data :) i sure love it

24 July 2011, 0537
Thanks for the updates... do you know of any coverage for the Vetter event? I can't find anything reporting on the day.

Nuts & Volts
24 July 2011, 1042
Thanks for the updates... do you know of any coverage for the Vetter event? I can't find anything reporting on the day.

No there didnt seem to be much coverage at the event besides by the AMA

Did a ride last night. I got 81.8wh/mile on an 18mile route at average speed of 32mph. It was suburban driving with some 35 to 50 mph speed routes.
I dropped the bike trying to bungie my bag on the back, damaged the fairing pretty bad! I was so pissed, but it seems repairable. I'll get some pictures up soon sorry for the wait

Nuts & Volts
25 July 2011, 1316
I also verified that CA speed with my phone GPS and was within 0.5mph so I believe everything is dialed in with the speed measurements. I also did a full throttle run and pulled 240A at 77.5V out of my battery pack (18.6kW). This tells me that even at 80% output current the 450A Alltrax delivers more power than a 400A kelly controller at 100% because i only ever saw 180A peak (battery side) out of my Kelly

Next time my pack is full at 91V ill do a 0-60 time on my gps (my alltrax is only at 80% current right now). I would think it should be in the range of 6-7 sec

Nuts & Volts
27 July 2011, 1443
Anyone need to go 100miles? just hop on my bike :D

As the picture shows I made it 100miles of in city driving :)

Summary (CA data)
-Average 26.5 MPH, speed limit zones 25 to 50
-used 96Ah, 91V to 77.1V (4.13V to 3.5V)
-used 7.889kWh out of my 8.3 to 8.8kWh pack (depends on discharge rate 1C to 0.3C)
-round trip rides
-this was done with an 22 year old bike, which has crappy suspension, crappy tires, crappy chain and sticky brakes (cant imagine what a modern bike could do!)

-Weight is a big factor for in city driving. I think a 50lb drop could improve my efficiency by 5-10%
-The front end needs to be wider at the front to get the wind around my shoulders and hands. I want shorter handle bars to get my hands out of the wind.
-At 45mph there is a dead spot (low pressure) of air right behind my legs and my back. But the wind definitely reforms before the end of the bike, thus some sort of tail will improve efficiency.
-My bike is very wide, think whale. It would not be hard to find a narrower sportbike which should improve efficiency by 10-20%. (just more time and money)

Clean side

Scratched and Cracked part, ooops

27 July 2011, 1453

27 July 2011, 1541
Thats awesome N & V. I need 50+ miles at 60mph for my commute so my pack will at least be about the same capacity as yours.

Love seeing the reports.

Keep it up.

Jack Riggi
27 July 2011, 1725
all I can say is wow!!!

27 July 2011, 1817
Nice! Glad to see those cells are being put to good use.

27 July 2011, 1824
Rad man! Your old cells are gathering dust. I curse college with all my heart right now.

27 July 2011, 1838
Sweet!!! Nice work!

27 July 2011, 1856
Total awesomeness!

27 July 2011, 1937
Dude! The elmoto spreadsheet says you should only use 40 Wh / mi at 26 mph - easy on the throttle buddy! :D

Just kidding - 80 Wh/mi is awesome, especially on an old and not very aero bike. Well done.

27 July 2011, 2002
That's terrific N&V! With the cells only at 3.5v, you might be able to eek out 10 more miles. I recall that 3.2 - 3.3v is a safe lower limit on the EIG cells (their spec sheet lists LVC at 3.0v, but you already know that :)).

Nuts & Volts
27 July 2011, 2003
Dude! The elmoto spreadsheet says you should only use 40 Wh / mi at 26 mph - easy on the throttle buddy! :D

Just kidding - 80 Wh/mi is awesome, especially on an old and not very aero bike. Well done.

I have to admit I actually did baby the acceleration a little bit, but for the most part stayed with the cars from the lights.

One thing I didnt do was draft. I did it for about 0.5 miles today and actually say a difference on the instantaneous kW reading so I will do some drafting tests (safely) soon to see how low I can go. Oh and I just ordered a Cycle Analogger with GPS so I can go on data overload!

27 July 2011, 2048
Oh and I just ordered a Cycle Analogger with GPS so I can go on data overload!
I've got one of these in my setup. Just waiting to get back out on the road so I can do some testing.

28 July 2011, 0615
see i dont understand that, why claim a 400 amp controller, when they dont put out 400 amp?

28 July 2011, 0819
see i dont understand that, why claim a 400 amp controller, when they dont put out 400 amp?

what do you mean?

They put out what they're asked, up to a peak rating of 400A.

Nuts & Volts
28 July 2011, 0850
see i dont understand that, why claim a 400 amp controller, when they dont put out 400 amp?

I dont have any definite data, but the alltrax does draw more power from the battery which indicates more power to the motor (controller efficiencies are similar). What I need to do is drive at 40mph, twist to full throttle until 50mph is reach and determine the maximum pwr from the batteries. This way I know that the motor voltage will be say 40V to 50V (agni is ~71V/RPM) and battery V and I is measured by my CA. I can then calculate Motor I. I will do this same test from 0-30mph. I imagine this will take me awhile before I get time to do this due to the issue I state below.

Also the alltrax will actually run on 91.2V and maybe more. The Kelly will not run on 88.9V. These are with HVC set at 90V and voltage was measured on my CA.
This is perfect for me because I can charge another 5Ah or so into my batteries up to (4.15V each or 91.3V).

28 July 2011, 1336
so if my 400amp kelly at 48 volts says its a 400amp controller it is putting out 400 amps to the motor?

if that makes sense...

Nuts & Volts
28 July 2011, 1355
so if my 400amp kelly at 48 volts says its a 400amp controller it is putting out 400 amps to the motor?

if that makes sense...

Yes that is what it is spec'd at. I have reason to believe that it is overrated, but I need numbers to actually prove this thinking

28 July 2011, 1439
yeah, that's motor side.

28 July 2011, 1501
Kelly on there site rate their motors by their peak motor amps and clearly state that that rating is for 60 seconds. The continuous rating is normally half that value. My Kelly (500amp rated) has produced just over 400amps on the test bench and about 270amps for a 4 -5 minute period (it did get warm :) )

28 July 2011, 1612
so if my 400amp kelly at 48 volts says its a 400amp controller it is putting out 400 amps to the motor?

if that makes sense...

It depends. Even assuming the controller is *capable* of putting out 400A motor side, that doesn't mean it always will even at full throttle. The motor has to actually "ask" for 400A. Not enough load, high RPMs (above the torque knee), or simply having the output current limit set lower can cause less than the rated output.

We've yet to see any motor side current data (that I know of) to confirm that Kelly's meet or fall short of their current ratings. Someone has to have tested it, but I haven't seen it posted anywhere.

28 July 2011, 1643
Noah... ok I will make sure I record the numbers next time I run the tests on mine. We have seen that motor current is easy (comparatively) to drive high with lower RPM and higher load.

28 July 2011, 1651
Excellent, thanks - that will answer a lot of questions (hopefully).

Nuts & Volts
02 August 2011, 1431
Charging at 2kW!!!!!!!!!!!!


After jumping from one charging idea to the next I have finally produced an effective setup (and 7 extra power supplies :))
I have two Cherokee (here (http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CCIQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.icmaster.com%2FDatasheet.ashx %3Fmfg%3D5104%26part%3DCAR1248FPBZ0-1A&rct=j&q=cherokee%20CAR1248FPB&ei=V2c4TpHbLsa1sQK7on0&usg=AFQjCNF1XOwTe71LY_sPwtrs3RlbU8kgWg&cad=rja)) power supplies that can current limit run in series for about 91.4V peak. On 220VAC it is putting out about 22A, and about 16A on 110VAC. It weighs about 6lbs total and cost me $320 shipped. It is incredibly small as well

220V50A outlet and plug, attached to a plug adapter made of standard AC wire and anderson connectors

Old setup; 2 meanwell S-350-48 clones with current limiting mod (multimeter and pot used to dial in current). Good for 6.5A from 85V to 100V. This would take about 12hrs to charge from empty (new is ~3.5hrs). Cost $81 shipped. Works great and I will keep for topping off my pack/charging future LiPo packs. ~8lbs

02 August 2011, 1515
$320 a piece, $640 total? Or $320 for both?

Looks pretty sweet. Would be nice to have a bit more adjustment on it though.

I'm getting 15A @ 88V from my 4 Meanwell S-350-24 clones. (1320W) I've also got a 220V hookup in my garage and I've thought of putting the charger on 220V because the power cord gets quite warm. Maybe I should consider a couple of these instead. I could probably mount them onboard somewhere.

Edit: Where did you get them from? Can't find anything close to that price.

Nuts & Volts
02 August 2011, 1615
I got them for 150 each plus shipping from prism electronics used. I had to send an RFQ and emailed for price. Ill charge a few more times but seemed to work well. O

02 August 2011, 1633
How do they react when pack voltage is below the set point on the power supplies?

Nuts & Volts
05 August 2011, 1148
How do they react when pack voltage is below the set point on the power supplies?

So far I have tested them on an 85V pack and an 80.7V pack and want to do it on a 76V pack. Both times 1 supply limits the current by dropping its voltage down. This tends to make that unit run a little bit hotter and it also makes the current fluctuate between ~15A and ~23A.

Charged for 3 hrs yesterday. I accidentally overcharged the pack a little so I need to tweak the output V a little more or just monitor better. I actually like the idea of using a large fast charger (C/4 to 1C charging) and being my own BMS for the 2-3hrs of charging than having an expensive BMS. I am still going to parallel cells and add the cell-logs thou to make my manual monitoring easier and safer.

Additionally the fans are loud, but I like that feature. It lets you know the supplies are on and working. I actually run an external AC fan just to keep things cool to protect the supplies and increase life.

Nuts & Volts
06 September 2011, 0631
Few updates to throw at you. The 2kW charging is going well. I have created a 220V30A cord so that I can continue to charge like this in my new apartment that has a washer outlet :) My commute will only be about 2miles a day to class, so I should only need to charge about once a month...however I may not be driving electric anymore this fall. I have recently acquired this beauty :D

(Ok im kidding, this guy definitely needs some work, but Im ready for it) Its an 03 R6 with running engine. Read more here (http://goelectricgofast.wordpress.com/2011/09/02/the-next-generation/), I have started a blog to document all my future adventures. I will fix up the misc bits and ride this guy into the winter at which point I will gut it and throw some electric goodness inside :) More pics here (http://s194.photobucket.com/albums/z160/buckboom00/R6%20fixin/)

I am planning to retire Nutshock V1.5 soon, I would like to get 1000 EV miles on it first. It has a leaking left fork seal and its just not worth it to fix as I will be upgrading chassis' this winter anyways. Thus I will have a clean titled 1989 katana chassis (w/ modifications) and parts for sale later this fall

Link to full blog is in signature

06 September 2011, 0957
Awesome. The ICE riding period will give you a good frame of reference for performance goals. Good luck!

06 September 2011, 1015
looks like it might take the winter just to clean her up!


Looks like it'l be a fun bike. I kinda wanna ride around on a gasser after I'm done to compare the two.

Nuts & Volts
06 September 2011, 1753
Yes Travis the cleaning will be a bitch :) Good thing a lot of it is just dust and dirt. Just towed it home from my grandparents this evening. Will repair some things in the morning and take it to my apartment in the morning.

I look forward to riding this puppy


I also wanted to say I rode the Katana on a 55mph highway and didnt enjoy it too much. I was limited by the alltrax to only 80% speed so i only got 58-60mph top end which left me with no pull away speed. This made me feel a bit less safe. Anyways I need to get that alltrax serial port fixed.

Nuts & Volts
12 September 2011, 0434
Just rode this guy again for the first time in about a week. Nothing like a nice ride to remind me how much i actually enjoy riding (even thou i got catch in the rain on the ride home). 800 EV miles and counting, lovin every Wh of it.

One thing I will mention is that i love the reliability or feeling of reliability of an EV. The start up and ride are the exact same every time, no matter how long its sat or the temp (within reason). No false engine cranking, no funny smells, no jerky acceleration that I get from my car every once and awhile. The other beauty is that if anything started acting up, it would be so much easier to pin point with my EV

Just my early morning comments :)

Nuts & Volts
06 December 2011, 1052
Been awhile, but the Katana is official dead :(


In about a week I will be tearing down the R6, weighing and cleaning everything. I'll start taking more measurements as well as trying to sell the engine bits. I hope to have a battery frame design and material ordered before the new year. Using angled aluminum to support the battery boxes, basically just need to figure out which layout of cells fits in the frame the best.

In a few days I will close this thread out and start NutShock V2.0. I will basically re-post the blog entries I have to follow this build.

For more info go to my blog in my sig below

06 December 2011, 1207
Is the Katana chassis now for sale? Is so, How much and whats included?

Nuts & Volts
06 December 2011, 1255
I have it listed for sale on craigslist. I have sold the left upper, left lower fairings and mirror already

Otherwise it is pretty much a rolling chassis with a few holes in it. Send me a PM or email me kginaven @ gmail.com and we can talk about making a deal.

So right now its missing left side fairings, mirrors and a windscreen. The craigslist ad explains the rest


06 December 2011, 1318
Not to hijack, but I just happen to have an extra left side main fairing for a pre-98 Katana, in a lovely blue. You can get aftermarket mirrors pretty cheap.