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11 June 2011, 1459
I know I am new here, however I assure you I have been an interested party from the beginning.

2009 the Isle of Mann, wow that was awesome, I could not wait for 2010. Things got messed up with all the sanctioning parties, but that only fueled the fire.

2010 IOM was awesome, TTXGP fostered new innovation and welcomed grassroots technology and inspired a world of interest, and even the FIM got off a great race that brought more interest to the new sport.

2011 I could not wait for this year to get started , but after seeing what has happened here, I think we need to take a step back and look at 2010 and why it worked. I feel the intensity and greed of some the organizers has threatened to ruin the sport. I do not think that this sport is ready for the kind of rules and speed of change that F1 is use to, it must get back to the original format for the next several seasons, until it has grown to a point of maturity where it can handle the kinds of pressures put on it this year.

I think that forums like this one can become a strong voice, please let me know your thoughts.


11 June 2011, 1904
You can't have a successful race series without a number of well funded factory or motorsport industry teams. Since there are no well funded manufacturers building electric motorcycles, and only one serious motorsport related company (Motoczysz) the series has to rely on low budget homebuilt, and university projects which are no match for Motoczysz. This only discourages the few small teams from competing, knowing that they have no chance of winning.

An electric race series will never become successful until an electric motorcycle industry actually exists to support it.

11 June 2011, 2040
Well, I have to take a bit of acception to the rule changes being the cause. They were not drastic and required to keep the manfuacturers (such as they are) in the series. A bigger problem is that the percived "big guns" such as Lighting, eCRP, Mission, Brammo, Amarok, ect. made it look like the grids were going to be full and a privateer effort would just be crushed. Turns out its been way more hype than substance with the only company actually fulfilling their claimed commitments to racing so far (finally) being Brammo. eCRP is feilding 2 bikes this year but no word on their leasing program at all. I think if many people had realized these "factory" efforts would be no shows we'd see bigger grids. This may be the case next year. But so far there has only been 1 race, and we have a whole season to go. This also going on in a world wide economic ressesion where even regular ICE factory efforts are stuggeling. Hell, Suzuki's MotoGP effort can only afford 1 bike. If they are having money problems, what chance does the TTxGP have? I see nothing that the TTxGP has done to cause the no shows. I do, however, see people who said they were going to show up not, which is a bigger hinderance and more harmful to the health and success to the series than anything else. But it is my opinion that you just need good close racing to have a successful series, and not just factory efforts.

11 June 2011, 2132
But it is my opinion that you just need good close racing to have a successful series, and not just factory efforts

Yes, and that means you need bikes capable of competing with the Motoczysz and Lightning bikes, how many University or homebuilt efforts are capable of competing with them. How many private teams are going to spend $50K-$100K to design and build a competitive bike?
If we actually had an electric motorcycle industry, where a handful of manufacturers actually made money selling electric bikes, we'd have a chance of filling the grid with bikes.

12 June 2011, 0031
I am going to dissagre, because the 2 brands you mentioned would compete in the GP class. This leaves the 75 class open to a lot of people. The only bikes to fear there in Europe is eCRP, and in NA is Amarok (whom have yet to show up). Let the big boys play in GP, everyone else can play in the 75 class. At least here in the US.

12 June 2011, 0610
These are all good thoughts, and I agree with most of them. I think the hype from these no shows did scared off the folks that made 2010 a great year. I think there are allot of smart people out there , like you guys here on El Moto that could push the sport just as well as some of these guys that pussed out of racing after hyping
up there projects. How can we make 2012 better and get back some of that feeling we had in 2010?

Nuts & Volts
12 June 2011, 0835
I can tell you for sure that the "big guns" aren't scaring people from competing. Anyone that is scared doesnt have what it takes to compete anyways. It should motivate you to beat the big guns with only XX budget or XX resources

Like it was stated before we have only had 1 race and a lot of teams just may be behind schedule.
Money is what scared people from building bikes. The money to build, travel, and actually race was too difficult to swallow for many I would think.

Give it time, electric motorcycles arent going to disappear anytime soon. Racing may struggle, but its not going anywhere.

12 June 2011, 0853
Of the numerous reasons for the lack of participation, one of them surely involves the bureaucratic, arbitrary restrictions set in place for the 2011 season. Aside from the handful of incumbents, teams are still figuring out their builds and don't want to also worry about 'restrictor-plate' types of rules. While the restrictions may help level the field for low budget teams, it's probably discouraging the big name manufacturers who want to spend gobs of money and have a chance at taking the trophy. Big money doesn't enter a competition to finish 2nd thru last, they want to feel that they legitimately have chance to win it all.

I expect there will be bitter disagreement with this stance (you know who you are :)). The restrictions aren't the only reason and may or may not be the biggest reason, but they're a contributing factor. The chilling effect it's had on the series speaks volumes.

12 June 2011, 1411
Hunter88 - As you said, you're new around this forum. Can you tell us something about your background or experience that might help us understand where your opinions are coming from?

jazclrnt - you made a great point about how the TT75 class was created to help keep the sport accessible for the smaller teams.

12 June 2011, 1504
In my opinion, electric motorcycle racing is not ready for prime time, we don't even have bikes that someone can buy for a reasonable price to compete with.

This leaves it to a few private teams and some smaller manufacturers to fill the grid. You simply can't expect a privateer with no sponsorship to travel cross country or over-seas to make every race, and the smaller manufacturers are much more interested in using their resources towards their goal of producing motorcycles that people can buy.

I applaud Azhar for getting this far, but I honestly think that it's too early in the game for an all electric race series to be successful, especially since an electric motorcycle industry doesn't even exist yet, and none of the few manufacturers involved have turned a profit yet.

That being said, I hope the sanctioning bodies and fans continue to support the class, and have patience. As the Electric motorcycle industry grows and becomes established, so to will the race series.

12 June 2011, 1521
Thanks Brammofan , I am one of your fans.

I have been a supporter and continue to be a supporter of the TTXGP from the start. I have assisted Azhar in connecting with companies like A123 as well as venture capital. I have worked and supported MotoCzysz sense before anyone new their name. I own a consulting firm located in Boston, focused on Scientific and Engineering. However everything thing I have done within motor sports is because I am a fan of innovation and competition. I guess I am also a speed freak :)

12 June 2011, 1621
jazclrnt - you made a great point about how the TT75 class was created to help keep the sport accessible for the smaller teams.

Yeah, I'm good like that. ; )

This winter I thought that even though I don't have the resources anyway, what would be the point with a bike like the eCRP 1.4. But it's not available for lease in europe much less here. At least last I heard. Now, I'm thinking, I could put a bike together for the 75 class, if I could just get someone to give me parts and money. : D

12 June 2011, 1634
So what is the firm name so we can support you?

13 June 2011, 0634
this all reminds me of the the tractor pulls when it started to become a bit of a sport - it went from good ole boys playing around to a professional show in a matter of years, i dont think its doing that well today. but it had a run for a while...

EV racing is a different matter and is here to stay, its just going through growing pains, thats all...

im sure i speak for most - we support all EV sports here...