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26 August 2010, 1757

So far I have used Warrick and some other scripts.
Some 100 recovered in 24h or so.

The format saved is all in lowercase, and in the main folder so it can be sorted:
" showthread.php@t=2636 "
(Drag-drop file on to your browser and it should show the saved thread)

But it seems to not be any more downloaded now, and without huge amount of manual work,, or a much smarter programmer than me, it will not be many more saved now (..I am not a programmer at all.. so maybe this IS not so very hard to do for the ones that have the skills and the knowledge. ??)

Warrick did not work so very good with google = banned again and again.. and have to change my IP many time a day, (the files that is 2kb is from that problem when google asks if I am a human or machine..)

Warrick found many hundreds threads and info on yahoos cache also, but fail to download any of the cached pages. :(

Here is the files recovered by me so far:
http://www.ongrid.se/2010_0826_18.46_Copy of www.elmoto.net.zip
(Only got 16MB or so now., no pictures, just the text)

// John

26 August 2010, 2343
Anyone know how to implement this? As far as I know the bots merely looked at the surface level html (NOT the underlying sql info) to get a "snapshot" of these pages. However I am clueless as to how to add it.

27 August 2010, 0037
The 'google reader' link skadamo posted
seems to be the most promising. Keep clicking the 'See more of "elmoto"' at the bottom of the page.

Mike, as you are the original 'owner' of the material, and the site is a 'non-profit' , google may even extract the data and package it for you?!


31 August 2010, 1609
I wrote some more at: