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13 June 2011, 2156
New to the forum, new to EV's, in the middle of my first build. I love all the info on all the sites and forums, but sometimes it is 6 hours later and I still forgot to check the weather for tomorrow.

I bought a motor out of an electric go kart about 4 years ago with the idea to build an electric sidecar for my bobbed kawasaki csr 650 so that with a simple thumb throttle you could silently cruise in E mode or you could fire up the ICE and impress all the ladies with your ratted out $300 motorcycle. Well that never happend because I only have one motorcycle and I like drifting on dirt roads too much to add all the weight and oddness of a hybrid sidehack. Someday when I have a quiver of bikes, that project might come up again...in the meantime I decided I needed a toy and it is tough for me to justify burning gas for fun. Don't get me wrong I love dirtbikes, atv's, motorboats etc, it just tears at me too much to participate in fossile fuel recreation (I do break down and give in from time to time and go wakeboarding or shuttle my downhill mountian bike in a truck or drive my subaru through my snowy yard).

Anyway, I set a budget of $1000 to use for educational purposes and skipped out on some college credit courses i was interested in, instead buying a rolling chassis of a 2002 yz426f dirtbike and got to work.

I have some photos up on a build thread elsewhere in the forum http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?1365-Electric-Dirt-Bike-Project-First-build

I'm at the point of deciding on batteries and I'm sure you've all been through it before. I don't care about range much at the moment because i am only riding aroung my house, but I do want to be able to draw all the amps my motor and controller can handle(peak 400) or at least close to it. I'm considering smaller agm sla's due to physical size (like a 12v 22ah) but can't find any good info on peak discharge. Also, with 4 12v sla's, what are the cheapest charging methods? Is it just having 4 individual chargers? OK, enough of just random questions I'm thinking of at the moment. BTW nice to meet you all.


14 June 2011, 0516
I had some salvaged B&B's for a while. They put out the current, but have a significant voltage drop when doing so.
You can find some data on the various sizes here: http://www.bb-battery.com/productseb.asp