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27 August 2010, 0055
Check the following link


I don't know if the motor is proper for a motorcycle conversion , but what about the 'concept of battery speed controller?

Changing voltage ,changes horsepower and speed?
What determines how many Amperes pass through the motor?

27 August 2010, 0140
It simply looks like various blade switches or some type of contact which can be moved/turned on for different speeds. It would be the same as you would hook up an extra battery in series with a switch for turbo. But there is no controller, you control the speed through different voltage levels. You would get full amps all the time, so it would also probably be a bit jumpy and etc. The thing is it would be very, very wearing on the contacts, because it would get full amps all the time.

Motor would suit great for a motorcycle conversion. As I have seen from other projects the Etek works well and is reliable.

And just get a proper controller; AXE, Kelly, Curtis?? 48-72V 200 or 300 amps.

For a small/medium sized motorcycle.

27 August 2010, 0553
This is old-school tech, and how speed was often controlled on EVs at the start of the 20th century.

In addition to the jumpy control from dumping full amps at each voltage level, you end up discharging the first battery in the chain more than the last, resulting in the pack becoming unbalanced, and that battery going through its lifespan faster than the others.