View Full Version : Sevcon MilliPak PMAC controller and calibrator

20 June 2011, 0904
I have a controller and calibrator for sale. The controller has only been used to spin a motor on a test stand and to decode the Sevcon message protocol. As such, for full disclosure, I can say that the controller probably does not have the default factory settings. On the other hand, they can be restored with the calibrator.

I am selling because I have decided to use the newer Gen4 controller.

Controller - $300
Calibrator - $125

27 April 2012, 1309
Hi- do you still have the Sevcon millipak for sale? please respond to rbyrd777@yahoo.com if interested in selling it. Thanks. - Ryan

30 May 2012, 0536
do you still have the calibrator for sale if

Al acsut72@msn.com