View Full Version : New battery Pack Test ride

25 June 2011, 1732
I took a quick ride today after installing the new/old/updated battery pack.
The video sound is louder than I hear due to the camera being mounted to
the frame is is most likely picking up vibration noise.

More later!


26 June 2011, 0532
Ed, that's awesome! I think the sound is great, too... how did you record this? I'm trying to figure out how you didn't get all the wind noise, I can't seem to avoid it once the bike is rolling.

26 June 2011, 0639
It is a Go Pro Hero unit. It comes in a case where the sound come in from the back
so wind is buffered out.

I found out my chain was a bit too tight on that ride so an adjustment since then has helped.

More later.