View Full Version : Here we go - my ESXR Project has begun

03 July 2011, 0144
The donor bike arrived today. A wanted ad netted me a 1998 GSXR750 with an obscure hole through the engine block where a connecting rod made a break for fresh air. $500 for the unit with a cooling system and perhaps an exhaust system that I might be able to sell off to reduce my costs to around $200. Feels like I'm off to a good start here as far as the bank account is concerned. Loads to learn now and a myriad of questions to be answered but I'm sure my VERY loose 2 year goal should allow ample time for learning, fabbing and perfecting.

03 July 2011, 0218
Congrats on the start. A few of us either have or are planning a GSXR build so ask away. Where are you located at Macboy?

Welcome to the fun!

03 July 2011, 0237
I'm up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Joined up here a month and a half ago and it took me this long to commit. I'm all in now though....pride's on the line. My buddies are telling me I should drop a new engine into the bike and turn a profit off it. Tempting, but I want to stick to my plan here. They're convinced I'll get bored with it and sell off.

No way! I can't wait to roll up to the "gang" silent as can be. Big plans for this thing. Me and Fox (another local member on here) are gonna turn some heads around these parts with our projects!

03 July 2011, 0830
Looks to be a fantastic donor at the price! Definitely off to a good start.