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04 July 2011, 0424
If you have a few minutes to let this download and have a high speed connection, here is a ride I took
yesterday with some added ZZ Top music.... (189 Meg - HD Video)

Right click the link below and do a "Save as"
http://juiceddragracing.com/Morning ride on the Electric Cafe Racer.avi

or a different version of the return trip on You tube. (no Music)



05 July 2011, 1113
I had some one ask me off line how I got that shot. I actually had to film it upside down as that
is the only way to mount the camera. I then used a Windows program to turn it 180 degrees.

On a side note, I do not hear the motor or chain noise like the camera does, but then again, I am not strapped to the bottom
of the bike.

Fun stuff!

05 July 2011, 1210
The camera did a nice job, and I like that video angle. Do you mind me asking what your camera setup is? Flipping the upside-down video, that's pretty clever. I also noticed you left the music off for the YouTube clip, does using commercial music for videos, if we make them for not-for-profit reasons, fall under fair use? I think it does, but I'm not up on all the copyright nonsense these days.

05 July 2011, 1319
Yes, You Tube stopped my first video due the ZZ top music in the background.... :(

The Camera is a Go Pro Hero. Films in 1080P HD. Great setup and reasonably priced (got it for my Birthday). :)

05 July 2011, 1326
Go pro now has a setup for shooting 3D video, using two cameras linked together electronically, then their own software to combine the two videos into one.. Could be a fun setup for shooting angles like these :)

05 July 2011, 1340
I saw that, but too pricey for me.....
It would be cool going through the mountains....and no vibration issues!!!