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Nuts & Volts
07 July 2011, 0834
I have few things I would like to part with

Cycle Analyst DP - http://www.ebikes.ca/store/store_accessories.php
About 7 months old. Used on my ebike for awhile no need for it anymore. Works perfectly
asking $70 + USPS shipping (~$5-$10)

Zivan NG1 - setup for 84V Lead Acid. You can send it to Zivan and they can program it for you for lithium for a nominal fee. It powers up, but i do not have any cabling for it.
asking $300 + USPS shipping (~$5-$12)

Infineon ebike controller - it is the 35A model on this page http://www.ebikes.ca/store/store_controllers.php. No problems with it. A few wires have been cut
asking $60 + USPS shipping ($5-$12)

I can offer 5 day insurance/no DOA. PM me if you are interested in anything