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10 July 2011, 1312
Hi folks,

I just bought an used erider scooter (XM-3500 like) that needs some rebuild. Controler is dead so I can go for a new higer quality setup. Hub motor is still ok according to vendor but you see it's a 4kw peak motor only.

I tried to find out some possible upgrade I decided to go to an agni/alltrax combo. I think I will get a very reliable (and exciting) bike with them.

Problem is I have to replace the existing hub motor with a standard 13" wheel and I'm struggling with that. Most of the time scooter rear wheels are designed to be belt driven using a single massive arm. For my project I need a standard motorcycle rear wheel that could fit the erider swing arm. So if anyone know a motorcycle model using small wheels it will be very useful to share this.

About the batteries : I plan to order 24 CALB 70AH cells. I think 200A peak won't be a problem for them. Headway are very attractive as well but will offer les range for the money.

Thanks for thoughts

10 July 2011, 1353
why use a motorcycle wheel? why not use a normal scooter wheel?

Isn't it going to be a bit hard to fit an agni in there with batteries and controller? you'll have to make a swingarm if I remember right.

I just don't know how you can fit 24 70Ah CALB and an agni.

Headway are good if you want power AND range, CALB are good if you want range, but power isn't a huge requirement.

10 July 2011, 1406
Hey Jerome. That scooter chassis is basically the same as my R Martin - probably came out of the same factory. There's no way you're going to fit 24 70Ah cells and an Agni, unless you have some special trick up your sleeve.

You'd be much better off getting a hub motor and controller to replace the old one. Check with ZEV, they make a motor for the same chassis that will give a top speed of 78 mph. You won't go any faster with a single Agni at 72V.

10 July 2011, 1432
ZEV motor is good and was my first choice but we had a quote and the cost of oversea delivery is just insane.
Another issue is I would have to find a good programmable BLDC controller. And I don't trust Kelly a lot. I was interested with sevcon gen4 (erider is using sevcon now) but this one is really tricky to setup. Didn't have a look at curtis...

I planned to fit the agni on the swing arm just behind the battery case. I just need a wheel that can be driven with a chain and most scooter use a belt instead.

10 July 2011, 1445
Lots of people use Kelly BLDC, including race teams. They're fine.

I guess Agni on the swingarm could work, but those swingarms aren't very robust. I'm not sure it would hold up under the torque of the Agni. You could fit the motor in the back of the battery box and use the storage area under the seat for batteries.

Still, the brushless hub motor is such an elegant solution to the space issues on a scooter.