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29 August 2010, 0917
I was just thinking about all the surface area consumed by roads and how that could be put to better use. Someone's already working on it!


29 August 2010, 1537
I don't know where than number of a thousand dollars per ton for asphalt came from by the author. :confused: The last time I checked, we were paying around $100 a ton for asphalt used in a road overlay - and that was in-place. Still, it is a great idea and I really hope it can be made to work at a cost that government can afford. Of course, we already know that in many places roadways can be used to cook eggs. :D

04 September 2010, 1633
Spam alert!!!!

04 September 2010, 2047
Chef? Spam? That's a good one. LOL

05 September 2010, 0237
No, not chef. There was another post that was removed.

05 September 2010, 0928
That reminds me: Where is the tool to report a spam post? On the old forum there was an option to mark a thread, but I don't see it on v2.0