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Jack Riggi
25 July 2011, 2230
:cool:Hello my name is Jack Riggi. I have 1 electric mini bike that is working great & now am starting to convert my 1994 Honda Goldwing to electric. Because of my wife bad health problems & all of the bills, life could be better but I am still doing fine! Instead of seeing how much money I can spend I am finding all the parts used & very cheap. So far I have spent $370 on parts & another $60 on brite flurescent green paint! I now call it my GreenWing but kind of like Green thing the way it looks painted green! I have a 48 volt logisysten controller & a 25volt prestolite 6.7 inch forklift motor with dual shaft. I just picked up all, well most of all the things I need to get it going, throttle pod, reverse switch extra 36 volt currtis controller & contactor i think it is call that! for $20 off a golf cart. I already removed the gas 6 cil. motor & made the motor mount rings & weled in the motor & have the drive shaft welded up & mounted in the frame ready to hook up all the wires but really don't know how to do it yet! I have half the batteries now need to get 24 more volts to get 48 volts. They are lithiun-ion GBS cells. Being my first time posting on the site I will try to post some pictures of both bikes if I can figure how to do it so maybe u will see them of maybe not! anyway I hope someone might be able to help me out on getting the THING wired up with out blowing up my controller! that it for now & again hello everyone!!

25 July 2011, 2300
Welcome to the forum! You can start surfing other peoples projects for info, but there are a lot of folks who can and will help.

26 July 2011, 0336
Welcome to the group.

Interesting project.

I would suggest moving the controller closer to the motor if possible. The shorter the cables,
the fewer losses you will have and extending your range!

26 July 2011, 0441
aww yeah! a shaft drive electric moto! that should be whisper quiet! welcome to the forum!

26 July 2011, 0730
i thought about using the drive gear on my chopper project with the honda shadow frame...

welcome to the forum, its a great place to learn and grow - very awesome folks here too...

26 July 2011, 0810
Hello Jack,

Welcome to Elmoto and fun looking projects.

I will warn you that the ratio of that shaft drive may be much to tall for that motor to have much of a chance to perform well. If you look at most of the bikes on here they are running around a 4.00 to 5.00 ratio with a single motor.

Keep us posted and maybe even post the raito of the shaft drive for us so we could help.

Jack Riggi
26 July 2011, 1040
Hello every one again thanks for all the repleys, this looks like the place I need to get all the right info. As far as the raito I mark the rear wheel & drive shaft then spun the wheel one time around & the shaft almost made it 3 times to the rear wheels 1 turn, shaft went almost 3turns more like a little over 2 & 3/4 around 7/8 real close to 3 to 1 raito from what i did i guess & IF that is how u check it but at this time I am not sure if that is how to check it, I never did it before maybe this will help U Skeezmour . Right now I know this set up is not right to be a high speed racer but I just wanted to get the gas motor out, later if I save my money (& my wife does not get sicker) I will get a AC 15 motor & the right higher voltage controller for a much better performance. If I get it going 45 or 50 I will be real happy so I can use it around the beach & to stores around town every one keeps asking me how Fast will it go I tell them I have now clue I just hope it is a little faster then a golf cart for now if I go slow & easy it might not heat up too much. The motor is mounted nice & low & should get good air flow even more when I put a sheet of plastic under the motor to help scoupe up the air!

26 July 2011, 1113
I'd opt for an AC20 with more torque, you'll need it.

It's not the speed that determines the ratio, as much as the torque. With a low ratio of 3:1 with a heavy motorcycle, you're going to really suck some amps at low RPM, which is tough on the motor, controller and batteries.

Let me know if you need an HPEVS motor/controller, I have a line on a couple.... and can help you purchase one direct (Helped a few people on here get them).

Jack Riggi
26 July 2011, 1429
thanks Thavis that sounds really great by the way what does HPEVS mean?

26 July 2011, 1443
they're the company that makes the ACXX motor/controller combo, Thunderstruck, electricmotorsport, etc are all resellers like me :)


I know of 2 AC-20 setups with the 550A controllers, let me know if you want to get something. MIGHT have an AC15 available fairly soon.

Jack Riggi
28 July 2011, 2047
Trvis how would a AC-50 work in my Green Thing? will it do a burnout? can U get me one of them? is my computer missed up or what I can't send any pictures even it I click on the Insert Image it just say the same thing as if I clicked on the Inset Link button it wants a ULR? does your do that too?

29 July 2011, 0011
Hi Jack, at the bottom right hand side of the box where you type a reply, click the 'Go Advanced' button.
Then scroll down and click the 'Manage Attachments' button.
When the new window opens click 'Add Files' and finally click 'Select Files'

good luck

Jack Riggi
29 July 2011, 0118
thank U Magicsmoke that worked:) great now i can show more pictures thanks again for telling me what to do!! Here are some more pictures of my minibikes rear wheel generator & 1 picture of the proto type of the solar shade frame, I made it out of tie wire to see what i was going to make bigger.

29 July 2011, 0910
Trvis how would a AC-50 work in my Green Thing? will it do a burnout? can U get me one of them? is my computer missed up or what I can't send any pictures even it I click on the Insert Image it just say the same thing as if I clicked on the Inset Link button it wants a ULR? does your do that too?

The AC50 won't likely fit very well, it's a huge motor (over 10" in diameter). They're pretty spendy too, and are matched to a controller. I can get you pretty much anything from batteries, to motor, to controller, to charger and beyond. just let me know.