View Full Version : My mini bike ajustable solar shade.

Jack Riggi
29 July 2011, 0726
Good day every one! I will attemp to post some pictures of my new solar shade I made but am haveing some problems doing simple things on this site because I am just learning how to use my computer & not sure how to even view or use this fine El Moto site yet but I will figure it out sooner or later more like later at this point! With the help of magicsmoke i thought I knew how to post pictures & I did post 5 new ones last night on a reply but now i am doing a new post & am haveing a problem doing it again now. The opsions are different now & am unable at this time to put any new pictures on so I will send this & keep trying to post the pictures of me building the solar frame later when I take a brake from working on my Green Thing later tonight:(

Jack Riggi
29 July 2011, 0756
here I go again 2nd try to post pictures of my solar shade post!!!!! in these pictures the proto type when I got the idea i made by hand out of Tie wire & duck tape to see how I was going to do it the other pictures are of the parts I started out with & as it was being built. Because of cost & no money at the time I got the materials at Home Depot. I got it in the garden supplys it is stakes for tomotto plants they were cheap, strong & very lite!!! I hope U enjoy the pictures I will post more later if anyone wants to see them later on. Got to go work on my Green Thing now getting it ready for new batteries right now!:)

Jack Riggi
30 July 2011, 1559
here are some more pictures

01 August 2011, 0929
is the solar panel wired directly to the batteries or the controller?

Jack Riggi
01 August 2011, 0934
to the batteries. why?

01 August 2011, 1101
Do you have a complete pictutre with bike, solar and wind generators?

Jack Riggi
01 August 2011, 1515
it on this site I think? look on facebook for more the more I use the computer the harder it gets!!! it should get easyer like going down hill on a bicycle! add me to frend on facebook then look? good luck! I put 3 pictures I am getting a little better!