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ARC EV Racing
09 August 2011, 1349
I'm breaking our 2010 TTXGP race bike, based on a Suzuki RGV250, for spares. There's loads of information and photos on it here, including a build log:


Agni 95R motor 750
Kelly KDC72601 (72v 600A) controller 450
4.5kWh of LifeBatt LiFePO4 3.3v/15Ah cells with BMS 2000
Zivan NG3 charger configured for a 72V/45Ah Lifebatt pack 400

Also contactor, throttle, spare wheels with wet race tyres, sprockets etc... it's all up for grabs. The motor and battery mounts would pretty much bolt straight in to a donor RGV250 VJ21, so this could be a ready made kit for someone.

I'm stripping down and cycling/balancing each of the three 72v 15Ah Lifebatt packs I have, and I won't sell any cells on at less than 90% capacity. I've also got about another 20 spare cells, making about 90 in total. I'd throw in a few spare BMS boards too.