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22 August 2011, 1703
Hey all,

Well, as I have mentioned before I will be going to Miller. But, as a VIP guest of the TTXGP at the track! I am pretty excited. Life has thrown me a very big curve ball since I have gotten home from Australia, so this is definitely a blessing. Anyhow, I have been invited to do some fan race reporting from the track. I haven't nailed down the exact details yet, but I have been offered to do the twittering and posting on facebook for them from the track. I think you may see some actual reports I have written at some point, but I am not certain of that. I'll do what I can, send it their way, and let them be the judge. The basic plan I have in my head is to twitter practice, then write a report. And the same with qualifying and the race. I am not experienced with twitter so this should be interesting. I will try my best, but I am quite certain you won't find the race coverage to be under twittered, if that has been a critique before. I had wanted to do a live audio feed from the race over the internet, but there are broadcast rights to worry about, and the more I think about it the less I want to risk screwing up and covering too much and getting people pissed off or in trouble.

I also plan on trying to get audio interviews while I am there. At this moment I think my goals will be to interview the racers first, as I'd like to get to know a lot more about them. But I also want to get to know the teams. This is assuming I can get a few minutes with them. We'll see. I am not sure where I will post them, or when, but it's something to for me to think about.

Any suggestions?

Thanks guys,

22 August 2011, 1709
No suggestions but congrats on the gig!

23 August 2011, 0439
Congratulations, VIP! If you don't have any experience with twitter, ya better start soon. Are you going to be posting under the ttxgp name?
Videos can be posted directly to youtube, so you should set up a channel. Or, depending on whether you have a smart phone, you might look into QIK.com - live video. Azhar will make you work your butt off, so be prepared. :)

24 August 2011, 0649
Thanks guys. I am not sure about details, but I have asked. I'll let you know when I know. And thanks for the heads up about Azhar. : D I am going to be busy enough, this should be fun.

03 September 2011, 0416
Hey guys. From what I understand I will be posting under the twitter handle "ttxgpfan". I will also be posting on the TTXGP facebook page as myself. I missed my flight last night so I don't think I will be on track before 11am, which means I'll probably miss practice. But I don't have an itinerary at the moment so I am not certain. I will try my best to get everyone caught up once I get there.

You don't need to have facebook, just go here: http://www.facebook.com/TTXGPofficial?sk=wall&filter=1


03 September 2011, 0633
Ttxgpfan? I'll be sending Azhar an invoice for my licensing fee for the____fan franchise.

03 September 2011, 1510
Ok, I got the account just set up right before qualifying but got snagged to run a camera. It's ok though because it was over before I knew it. I am posting picks and results to the ttxgp facebook page right soon.

03 September 2011, 1530
Photos and tweets are up along with the results from qualifying.

03 September 2011, 1619
Lightning is here!

04 September 2011, 2337
What a great weekend! Everyone was really cool. Ely's bike (protomoto) is so cool. All the Brammo guys were really nice. Micheal Czysz and the team are really nice and I had a great conversation with Micheal. One recommendation is to introduce yourself as an electric motorcycle fan. The vibe I got was that they were not used to actual electric bikes fans, and seemed a bit hard to approach. Actually everyone was a bit like that, the the MotoCzysz guys have been to the IoM a few times. Richard Hatfeild is wicked nice and even offered to take pictures of me on his bike. And then there is the Moto Electra guys. They literally made me feel like part of the team without any of the work. I really can't thank them, and specifically John, enough for helping me make this weekend happen. The bikes are sexy and fast as hell. Watching the MotoCzysz bike accelerate out of the last turn and onto the straight during qualifying on the West track was seriously impressive, as was Steve Atlus's cornering speed through turn 1 that Saturday afternoon. The announcer for the race on Sunday knew nothing, but at least admitted it. I started cheering the riders on and I could hear people muttering around me about my antics. I then announced to everyone that the riders could hear them. Sure enough the local boy Shane Turpin on the MotoCzysz (also very cool) got a huge reaction from the crowd the next lap. My work there was done. The flagger screwed up and waved the white flag a lap early. David Herron said that was the standard race length for the sprint races there, which makes sense. Anyway, not knowing this I just twitter what I saw, which was Thad in full Wolff mode with Atlus's butt squarely in his cross-hairs, albeit several length's back. Steve apparently was the only one who was completely caught off guard by the white flag coming out a lap early, because the gaps between bikes, even though they grew, were all pretty consistent the whole race accept for the last lap. This prompted the Nation champion to tweet clarify my tweet. Not sure a national champion really has anything to prove, especially when Dave Herron aptly covers that very thing in his article. That tweet was probably the most I talked to "Steve-O" all weekend. So that's all I have on Atlus.
I did have issues with the wifi and my phone all weekend, and in an attempt to out smart my phone I typed something to the effect "and they're away". But instead of waiting and hitting the tweet button when the actually launched, I automatically hit the tweet button. That has to be one of the longest minutes in my life. :D

I will say I am not happy with my performance on twitter and reporting and such, but Rupal seemed insistent that I enjoy myself, and I truly did. Also, I didn't get the password for the wifi until like 4pm Saturday. Of course I have yet to mention that I missed my flight Friday night and didn't get in to Salt Lake city until 10:15ish. I think John had me on track before 1 pm, so I missed practice. Qualifying was spent running the video camera for Azhar, and kind of felt like having sex with a really hot woman. It was over way too quick, and I felt a bit embarrassed afterwords. :D Afterwards the local race organization (also really great guys) invited the TTXGP guys in for their traditional go cart races. And yes I got video footage of Brian beaching himself on the curbing on the inside of a turn, as well as an epic battle Azhar had with someone. All on Azhar's camera of course.

Somewhere in all this crazyness Brian offered me a spin on the Enertia they had there. It is way bigger than I thought. Not something my mom could ride really, which is disappointing. But that was probably the most disappointing thing about it. I only got to ride it in the parking lot, but it does zip along and seems like it would be great for getting around my new town of Clarksville, TN. It was the new model from Hungry, and was set up for Great Britain riders. I believe he said it has a new controller. Either way he said the result is that the acceleration from 40 to 60 was greatly improved, while the bottom end was a bit softer. I could tell the programming was even softer still on initial throttle. It is much easier to control at initial throttle than any ICE bike I've ridden (but I'm no Richard). It would be nice to have an alternative map for experience riders for a little more initial omph. We can take it. I really wanted to take it into some twisties, but I had no gear there.
I did try some low speed turns with it, and it is a very capable bike at tight low speed maneuvering. The dragging the rear brake technique I had been shown years ago seemed to work quite well, whether it was necessary or not. For my personal tastes the bars were way too high, and the pegs too far forward. I did adapt the bars quickly, but I could never quite get used to the pegs. Mind you, I am lucky if I had this thing for 15 minutes.

Well, it's way too late. I'll write more later, and I have still to knock out a story for Azhar. Please feel free to ask questions. It feels like more happened than I can remember.


06 September 2011, 0640
Great meeting you in person and speaking with you at the track, Richard! Here's the photographic proof you were there:


BTW... I got punted up onto that curb on the gokart track!

Also... here's a video of the start of the race:


06 September 2011, 1841
I love that pic! Although the Crusty the Clown eyes are bit scary. :D

Don't worry Brian I recorded the whole beaching on Azhar's camera. What was even funnier was the rescue vehicle getting stuck in the gravel after getting you out. You gotta admit it was a good time.

It was a real pleasure meeting you and the team!

08 September 2011, 0754
I will admit that the go karts at Miller are an absolute blast! A nice way to blow off steam for sure!

Here's the lastest article from Steve Atlas, although MotoUSA is a bit behind in publishing it as it's his (lengthy) blow-by-blow account of the race at Laguna Seca. I hope you enoy it!