View Full Version : Batteries and 90 degree weather!

30 August 2010, 0654
Gotta love 90 degree temps if you have an ev and are running AGMS. My bike picks up about 3 mph and has an overall stronger punch and better range with higher temps. Makes up for the deplorable performance below 60!

30 August 2010, 0811
yeah, but with that higher temp, comes decreased battery life. They do provide more punch, but you're drawing higher amps too. 90degrees isn't that much, you're not really heating them. When they start getting hotter, you might want to throttle back a bit.

If you don't care about life, heating SLA's is a good way to get a little more power from them. Electrathon racers heat their packs before they race.

30 August 2010, 0815
Actually my watt hours per mile go down with higher temps.....probably due to the voltage sag being less, making same P with more V and less I. The batteries are only slightly warmer then ambient temp after a ride.....never hot.