View Full Version : Juiced Cafe Racer at Concord de Elegance?

03 September 2011, 1736
In light of the recent EV ..... um ..... negativity of late ... maybe a bright spot?

Tammy and I have been invited to bring the Juiced Cafe racer to the
2011 Hilton Head Island Concord de Elegance. Concord de Elegance (http://www.hhiconcours.com/)

Concord de Elegance: A french word for "Fancy a** cars"

If you have ever seen one of these events, it is a sight to behold.
The cars and motorcycles are the best of the best. Upper crust and wine
all over the place. So why were we invited?

I do not think it is so much of the quality of our build as the community of
motor enthusiasts finally "getting it" when it comes to EV's.

We went for the first time last year to look at some of the high quality cars and really cool
motorcycles and saw of all things in the display a ....Tesla. I have never seen one on the
East coast. We started asking the owner some questions and well..... he was not very
accommodating (a real dork? Not the word I wanted to use but this is a family board) :)

They are having a section of "Wheels of the future" this year and we were picked to go.
Dennis Gage (one of our favorites) will be on site and Wayne Carini will be filming his
"Chasing Classic Cars" show so we will hopefully get more EV news out. We will see.

It is the weekend of Nov 4th.

More later!


03 September 2011, 1757
That is excellent news Ed! I watch the chasing classic car episodes when I get a chance. Should be a lot of fun.

04 September 2011, 0821
well Ed, in my opinion your cafe is the best of the best. it's gorgeous, you should be proud to show it there.

04 September 2011, 1022
Great stuff Ed. Must make the obvious comment about plenty of photos!

04 September 2011, 1033
Thanks all.

Photos?...as many as we can take.
I am now looking for a period correct helmet and such. Might as well
look the part too. :)

Move later!


04 September 2011, 1601
hey ed, i've got a old red white n blue one with the stars on the top,open face....1976 vintage?

04 September 2011, 1712
Very Easy Rider! That would look cool on my old Harley!

I have been hunting through the archives. Most Honda racers had a silver open face helmet.
Not too stylish, but racing never was. Just get what was needed for the job.

I have a few other items to get (chin pad, etc) and two months to do it .... Fun stuff!

06 September 2011, 0614
congrats Ed, this is good news... you will definitely catch the public's attention there...