View Full Version : 1984 Honda VF500F Rolling Chassis- clean title

11 September 2011, 0439
SOLD! Went to a good ElMoto home, part of the deal is we need PHOTOS! :D

11 September 2011, 1157
those lockhard fairings are worth about that, this is a sweet deal for anyone wanting a starter!

Ken Will
19 September 2011, 0706
I got it home.
Some assembly required!

19 September 2011, 0912
Nice, take lots of pics and let us know how the conversion goes!

19 September 2011, 1138
Looks like a great project. Keep us posted!

20 September 2011, 0601
do you have a plan on how your set up will be - 48, 72, 96 volt?

Ken Will
20 September 2011, 0849
72 volts.
Ted had a me0709 in it. I almost bought the motor with the frame. ( I kept saying all the way home "I should have bought the motor.")
But I am about 50% heavier than him, so I ordered this kit, that is about 50% stronger.
I am still not sure which gears and batteries.
When I get all the parts, I will start a new thread.

20 September 2011, 0956
I thought that motor is the 0709?

correction, it's the 1003