View Full Version : Silicon Valley Electric Auto Rally Saturday September 24 at Palo Alto High School

21 September 2011, 1519
Hey NorCal folks, the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley will be holding their Annual Electric Auto Rally at Palo Alto High School this coming saturday from 10-4pm.

Though it's mostly cars, there will be a few ElMotos there. I'll be there with my bike after about 11 or so, and I think Richard Hatfield is supposed to make an appearance with his latest Lightning bike.

So, if you're interested, swing on by. I'll probably be hanging around either by my bike or scoping out other bikes, so say hi if you can. (if you don't know who i am, look for the long haired asian dude wearing a Red "Life is good" baseball cap and green "Electric Race Bikes" shirt hanging around a yellow motorcycle with the Elmoto.net logo painted on the side...or you could just yell "TANGO" real loud, and i'll come running. :) ).


21 September 2011, 1544
Tango, I think the date on your thread title could use a slight modification - October needs to be September.

Unfortunately this Saturday is my mother's birthday, so it looks like I will miss the rally - unless I can duck out of the party early. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the heads-up.

22 September 2011, 0853
Thanks richard. I think someone beat me to it and fixed it already. :)

I know mom's birthday's are important, but i hope you do get to make the scene. It'd be nice to finally meet you (though i know you've already met the bike. :) )

25 September 2011, 2144
Hey folks, the EAA rally was pretty fun yesterday, bike took the coveted "Best EV Motorcycle Conversion" award. I think including mine, there were something like one entries in the group. Maybe 4 if you count the trikes, well, those wouldn't be conversions. :) In any case, it was fun.


There's a recap from David Herron on VisforVoltage.com (http://visforvoltage.org/forum/11335-2011s-silicon-valley-eaa-ev-rally-39th-annual-pictures-and-electric-cars-galore). I'm in one of the photos towards the bottom (notice the Electric Race Bikes shirt. :) Also, I got to ride that completely home built Bob Scheeveiss bike as well (AC motor, didn't say what type, curtis controller, 36 Li-ion cells -- thundersky's i think) that was a fun ride.

26 September 2011, 0107
Congrats on the award! Wish it was more local to us. Some interesting (and different) ways of electrifying a vehicle,
from the inventive to the expensive.

26 September 2011, 0431
Congrats! We need to start an ElMoto Award thread, huh?

26 September 2011, 0459

26 September 2011, 0531
Congratulations Tango!

27 September 2011, 0755
Congratulations Tango. Having seen your bike you deserved the award.

Sorry I wasn't able to get down to the show. After the birthday party, my son-in-law gave me a new (recycled) computer to replace my 8-year old one. The rest of the day was spent trying to reinstall my programs and getting the hardware to work properly. Well, there is always next year and maybe by then I will have an el moto that will be able to get down there and back home. (Hope springs eternal, as they say.)