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29 September 2011, 2210
Hello all, I have read and often viewed this forum, but never had time to post anything, I hope to change that!

you may be familiar with my blog, http://experimentalev.wordpress.com/

I have been building EV's for about 4 years now, have 2 electric motorcycles, competed in the TTXGP, and have vast experience with electric vehicle battery and drive-train technology along with over a year of technical experience with Tesla roadsters, as I currently work for them in Chicago.

happy posting. :D

Nuts & Volts
29 September 2011, 2229
Hooray, its great to have u man. Welcome, its great to have another experienced vet amongst us. Esp. one who has used a transmission :D
Kyle G

30 September 2011, 0453
Welcome Tony.

Be sure to post some pics of your bikes.

30 September 2011, 0702
Hi Tony,
The amplux video was an inspiration to my project in a big way :)

30 September 2011, 0826
Hey Tony, it's about time you joined!

30 September 2011, 0841
welcome to the forum - looks like you have a lot of kewl info to share with us...

30 September 2011, 1108
Nice! Welcome to the group tony! I just looked at your blog. Tell me more about your charger! :)

30 September 2011, 2049
Thanks for the warm welcome, here are pix of my motorcycles I have built thus far, they are in chronological order of evolution over the years.

the ever famous "Amplux" my first design 36v high capacity 6-speed motorcycle.

back view, I have been told it looks like a transformer

After dealing with the headaches and un-desierable performance of a transmission the motorcycle then went to 72v and single speed!

post race at the TTXGP mid ohio 2009, it was the most fun I have ever had.

and now the ever popular E*Speed, 72v 60ah LiFePo, very light weight and very fast! I have been commuting on this and have over 1,400 miles this summer with only very minor problems along the way

The Guts!

I am in the process of building an even faster and lighter motorcycle, it's in the early stages, but it will be fully fairing (moto GP style) bike with A/C power, aiming for +100mph sustained top speed with +60 miles of range...hopefully it works lol

01 October 2011, 0210
Welcome Tony!

Interesting toys! I would love to hear the specs on both of them!

01 October 2011, 0300
"After dealing with the headaches and un-desierable performance of a transmission the motorcycle then went to 72v and single speed!"

Do tell! :D

Tony, help an old man out... were you the guy I met at the Tesla showroom in Chicago this winter? My mind... of all the things I've lost, I think I miss my mind the most. lol

OK, so, some questions. I'm starting to connect the dots, you're the guy with the RD250 and the 6 speed transmission from the original bike... http://www.evalbum.com/2240 Great idea, I'd be really interested in more about this setup.


On the EV Album page you say it's an ETEK, but it looks like a Mars. Am I mistook?

The top speed you say took a lot of work... what exactly did you mean?

VERY cool stuff, and I linked your post on the brush replacement how-to a while back.

01 October 2011, 0806
Hi Ted,

Yes I am the fellow EV guy you met at the chicago Tesla store last winter.

and yes that motor is in fact a Mars motor, not an Etek. Back then someone had me convinced that mars motors were the same as Etek's....now I know the difference.

what I mean by "took a lot of work" is that I charged the batteries super full using a 48 volt rated charger on a 36 volt pack (in retrospect probably not a great idea, but I wanted to go fast) the pack was at like 42 volts after pulling it off the charger.

Then me and a few friends pushed the bike to the starting point (highway M-21 outside my house) waited for no traffic and slowly accelerated and shifted through all 6 gears to top speed, after many runs using several gear ratio combinations I was able to achieve 91 mph top speed on my GPS attached to the bike. It took several minutes to get to this top speed, in no way was this gear ratio going to work in the real world.

I tested many different chain final drive ratios to achieve the top speed of 91 (I think about 11 different combinations) it was not easy, I also wore tight fitting clothes, made sure there was absolutely no head wind, tested it on a smooth and level road. It was not easy nor a realistic gear ratio to drive on every day, when I put a realistic gear ratio on the bike, it only topped out at like 60 something.

I have a lot of pictures of my transmission build, I will make a post with all the pictures and info soon!

01 October 2011, 0819
Cool! Funny thing... just cleaned off a HUGE pile of crap from my desk and found your card! Coincidence? YOU be the judge... :D

Thanks, that makes things a lot clearer. I'd also be interested if you're still thinking about trannies anymore.

01 October 2011, 1326
Welcome aboard. The perspective of someone who has built and ridden both single gear ratio and transmission bikes will be welcome in a number of discussions.

03 October 2011, 1811
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Nuts & Volts
04 October 2011, 0113
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