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30 September 2011, 0624
Today I formally told my wife I was going to start (finishing) working on the house, since the bike was "done" more or less. I'm having some sort of Post Project let-down... (...remember Peanuts' "Post Christmas letdown"?)

Gotta get some things tidied up on the bike for the Green Day show on the 10th, but I'm outta cash and starting to feel guilty about all the **** I've left falling down around the house while I work away on the bike. Last weekend I actually started to stress about it, between plasma events. It almost took the fun out of it.

The bike still needs stuff to be "complete", but it can all wait until next Spring... and if I do anything on bikes this winter it's going to be rebuilding my '86 SRX (my daily ride, bought new in '87, completely original except for the pipe).

I've got stories it write, a crap ton of stuff to do. Much as I want to work on the next battery module or transmission or something, I think it's time to put the cover on it and get some other stuff done. I have to prod the ElMoto Rally along... maybe that will help.

I remember feeling this way when the Interceptor was "done", too. Anybody else suffer from an occasional bout of PPLD once the bike is finished?

30 September 2011, 0728
I guess I can understand the reduction in intensity, but for me, the feeling was the opposite. Every time I walk by the bike, I just smile seeing that it's finished, and remembering what it looked like before I started. Plus, you get to actually RIDE it! And somehow, green/EV events find their way of popping up and you get to take the bike and be a celebrity. Definitely no "let down" here. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Nuts & Volts
30 September 2011, 0741
Yea, just go out for a 20min ride and that feeling goes away for me. Even its there's a little snow on the ground, just do some straight line runs! (and brake slowly)

Still waiting for a good event to take it too

30 September 2011, 0748
... just do some straight line runs! (and brake slowly)

That's a given... drum brakes. :D

Part of it is the intensity, I think you put your finger on it. I had the same feeling building my boat- it goes from, you have a totally engrossing project to, you have a boat. (It took me a while to realize I didn't really want a boat.) That, and there's a whole list of v.2.0 mods I want to do, but I really can't spend the money on them. I think if the house weren't falling down around our ears it'd be another thing entirely. :D

30 September 2011, 0815
There's another reason this forum exists, to live vicariously through those who are still in build mode. Like me, again...for like the 4th time.

30 September 2011, 0845
its OK Ted - a fellow needs to take a break from the projects once in while to keep the living essentials going... but you do have a bike to ride now to take a break from it all...

30 September 2011, 0923
Buck up little camper.

(Did that help?)

30 September 2011, 0927
Buck up little camper.

(Did that help?)

HAHAHaa! Of course Dave, you're always there with the good word. I'm not avoiding the sharp powertools or anything, don't fret... :cool:

30 September 2011, 0953
It dropped below 30F here last night. I think I'm going to get one more ride in this weekend before putting the bike away for winter. I'll be storing it in the spare room so my wife can put her truck in the garage, for the first time in about 10 years. I too have neglected many things around the house, but I don't intend to break that habit just yet. :D I still have my super secret project to finish!

30 September 2011, 1032
Yeah, part of my effort to keep the house from falling down will be to beef up the "Winter Shop" in the cellar.

This thread made me think of what a guy I used to assist for said when the studio manager was whining about some such thing. "Go have your ****ing existential crisis somewhere else, we're trying to get some ****ing work done here."