View Full Version : Brammo girls - laguna seca

04 October 2011, 1207
i saw this video and thought to myself "WOW"...


04 October 2011, 1306
i saw this video and thought to myself "WOW"...

No wonder they didn't make the grid for the race!!!!

04 October 2011, 1307
QUICK! What color was the bike? (No peeking.) :O

04 October 2011, 1326
Nice, suddenly I feel like getting a lapdance!

04 October 2011, 1406
I saw Ted's question before the video and still couldn't get the answer... so I'm gonna guess blue?

04 October 2011, 1508
What Bike?

04 October 2011, 2216
Do you absolutely, positively need a 6 speed transmission? Are you stupid enough to think that the bike / muffler / billet skull grips actually come with the girl in the ad?* Then buy a Brammo, you friggin idiot.**

*Boobies not included.

**...and no, we're not the company that makes frisbees and hula hoops.

05 October 2011, 0319
Of everything I've posted, "Who's Hotter, Chelsea Sexton or the Brammo Babes" has had the top traffic. Of everything. (Chelsea thought it was hilarious, BTW.)


05 October 2011, 0320
QUICK! What color was the bike? (No peeking.) :O

There's a white Enertia in the background in the start, immediatly after you see the front of Brammo's Green race Enertia. The actual bike on show is the typical bright red Empulse.
No, I'm not gay, it's called multitasking ;)
And to be honest, I'm getting sick and tired of Brammo and their like who promiss away into eternity but never deliver anything but barely dressed women pumped full of silicone... I think I just realized their main material expense: Link (http://media.avisen.dk/billeder/linse-kessler_860389_4.ashx) :O

05 October 2011, 0515
i think i got step my game up...lmao...i just bought an umbrella and told the wife she's gotta hold it for me in the lane before a run. she is hot...lol...got no idea what the hell shes doing with me?