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12 October 2011, 0635
My great friend J-L have TS cells for sale.

I can certify that they are in great shape and that he took care of them.

13 x 90Ah ( the 13th is the spare)
11 cycles only (no more than 50% discharge)


29 x 100Ah ( the 1 extra is the spare)
5 cycles only (never more than 80% discharge)

They are stored at 50% dod and was set to charge at max 3.7V CC-CV

On Ebay the 100 Ah are US$135 and the 90 Ah are US$121.50

He ask

106$CAD for the 100Ah ( 0.33$ per Wh)


96$CAD for the 90Ah ( 0.33$ per Wh)

He have the pack strapping and winston copper connector that he include for free.
wich reduce your cost again.
Still have the wood box for transport.

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSCqQjY8tvNyJ5qzPZXgLAp6PJiS_Yq4 1e3GVjP088urHN4dFKM



PM me :wink:


12 October 2011, 0705
You can get 100ah cells new for $125, 90ah for $112. Are your prices negotiable?

CurrentEVtech (http://currentevtech.com/Lithium-Batteries/Thundersky-c11/)

12 October 2011, 2130
Yes, I'm negociable. but dont forget that at that price we are INCLUDING the strap and copper copnnectors.

Price have been adjusted ( 13 oct 2011)