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23 October 2011, 0539
I just got me a sponsor putting up some good money for tires and some extras! Read more about it here: http://evmc2.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/the-r5e-land-speed-run-is-on/

...but, got any sponsor stories?

An Amsoil distributor contacted me a while back and gave me a bunch of product, so I'm sporting his sticker on the bike, a banner on the site, and I did a post about synthetic lubes, but this time it was kind of funny- Paul, at Panopticon Imaging just has been following the project on Facebook and thought it was cool. He bought me lunch, sat me down and asked what I needed. When I told him I needed tires, and the cost, he said he'd write a check... and that came the next day.

It was cool- he really wasn't looking for payback for the money, just thought it was something he wanted to be part of, and it's completely unrelated to his business. Kind of changed my mind a little about why sponsors do what they do.

I've talked to Brian Richardson (MotoElectra) a little about his sponsors, but not much about how he got them and why they're in... or what they are looking to get out of the deal. I talked to Ed early on about his experience with sponsors- what I got from that is that product is pretty standard fare, but money's a lot harder to get.

I talked to the local Whole Foods this summer, since they're so environmentally active, and kind of ended up getting the runaround, mostly because of the marketing person involved not having much clue about event and motorsports sponsorship. But now that the bike's pretty much complete, and I'm trying to hit the road to do shows and such, it's becoming more attractive. The Plug In Day is what kicked Paul over to actually writing the check.

Anybody have some advice or information to share?