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30 October 2011, 2205
I took these a couple weeks ago when I finished the new pack and protection. I don't know why but those high dollar ratchet straps work wonders to keep everything locked in place. http://www.elmoto.net/images/smilies/smile.png181118121813

31 October 2011, 0657
Looks good, but a warning, th cells are not made to take an force like that. best put tome angle iron over the corners of the pack holders to bear the force of the straps.

31 October 2011, 0914
Nice pack man!

I 2nd what Larry said. Definitely put some reinforcement in the corners - angle iron, or angle aluminum (lighter, won't rust).

Or use 2 straps, one on each side to the pressure is on the plastic holders instead of the center of the cells.

31 October 2011, 0930
Awesome! How many cells do you have and what's the configuration?
Is 159V a little high for a D&D motor?

31 October 2011, 1213
He is running 48s2p on the bike. Nice thing about having a Zilla in there. Just set your motor voltage limit whereever you want it :)

See you soon Chris. Heading for the airport shortly.

Nuts & Volts
31 October 2011, 1306
Thats cool. Also to Noah and Larry it looks like he has angled plexiglass in there so the cells dont have any pressure on them from the straps

I'll take a Zilla for my Agni :)