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31 October 2011, 1931
I heard that two e-bikes ran the last ever mile race at Maxton, here's one of them: 1823

Does anyone know anything about the bike or owner?


Nuts & Volts
31 October 2011, 1937
I believe that bike is from James Madison University in Virginia. Based on a goldwing frame and what looks like GBS cells

The other bike was from The Ohio State University

31 October 2011, 2149
Frank.... the tank?

Maxton was a blast Frank. I founded the the Buckeye Electric Motorcycle Race Team (BEMRT) this past year and the team was able to get enough funding to take a handful of the hardworking OSU student team members down to the Maxton Mile last month. Check out our pictures on our Facebook page!
We are were extremely busy, but had so much fun setting records.

Please feel free to come down to the new ECTA mile in Wilmington, Ohio next year. The track will be very nice and smooth and the whole crowd is just great to be around. I am challenging all EVers to a Snickers bar if they beat me..... especially the Buckeye Race Team. By early next year, the BEMRT bike should be finely tuned and really put down some impressive numbers.

01 November 2011, 0304
You mean the run this past weekend? Brian from MotoElectra ran, I know that, and set the latest record for electric:

01 November 2011, 0500
Thanks for the info guys. They used to call me Frank-the-Tank in grade school but that was a long time ago. I ride a converted gt550 on the street and drive a converted toyota pickup. I also happen to live about 4 hours from Loring (Maine) which has a 1.5 mi. track and have run an ICE bike there. My next conversion will be capable of beating Brian's run. It was outstanding BTW for a first pass! The Buckeye bike did pretty well too: it's a lot harder than most folks realize. I'm going to try to make Wilmington but it's a long haul from here. Congrats to both teams.

01 November 2011, 0515
COOL! I just found out about the Loring speed runs while I was trying to find a good place for the ElMoto shootout. And I thought Bangor was a long drive from Boston! :D

01 November 2011, 1751
Loring is an outstanding facility. Bill Warner ran 311 there this summer. They ran a 2nd event this year (mid-September.) I've been volunteering since the beginning, lots of fun and good people.

02 November 2011, 0402
Here's what-all we're talkin bout: http://lta-lsr.com/default.aspx

Cool stuff! Wonder if they'd consider a class, like, uh, "Smallest oldest electric bike conversion running on toy RC batteries"*? :D


02 November 2011, 0925
Just got an answer to my query this morning, and they're working on Electric Motorcycle classes. Bill of Killacycle is planning to run next summer. (DICE!!???) I'll start a new thread when I have more info.

02 November 2011, 1346
I would imagine Bill and Eva would bring KillaJoule, not KillaCycle. KillaJoule got rained out on the salt and pavement is a lot safer way to get your feet wet in LSR. It's an ideal venue for KJ.

02 November 2011, 1536
Right you are... sounds like a great time, I hope I can make it and have something to make a feeble run with (vs. no run at all...)