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01 September 2010, 1829
Hey Guys,

I posted a thread earlier about developing a low cost e-bike solution. We showed off some concepts but now we're done and have some photographs for you. We were designing for the low end market, so we utilized the Currie drive system and lead acid batteries, but our goal was to integrate the batteries and all the wires and controller into the frame with grace and style. The panels were vacuum formed styrene backed with fiberglass for rigidity. The project was about 8 weeks long, but the first two were spent doing research. Before this class I had never even heard of e-bikes, and in the past few months we developed a fully working prototype. With the weight properly placed in the center of the frame the bike corners like it's on rails, and feels good to ride. It's hell of a lot of fun. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I look forward to your feedback.





02 September 2010, 1844
Nice work!

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03 September 2010, 0256
Awesome work. Love the custom plastics! I am inspired to make one of my own one of these days.

15 September 2010, 0913
Here's a video of it in action! Also shows off the homemade vacuum former.


15 September 2010, 0937
Impressive. Your video is as well done as your bike. Us "techies" could use a few details about the components though. I kept waiting for the "Here's what's inside" section.

15 September 2010, 0950
For the techies:

The motor is a brushed DC motor distributed by Currie Technologies. It has a mounting bracket that fits onto their slightly modified frame. We used their frame as a launching point for our project, it was originally a lowstep frame, and we used the lowstep as a place to put the batteries.

The batteries are two 12v 10ah SLAs, the charge port is XLR, and the fuse is a regular old 30A fuse. The controller was also from currie. The bike components are all mostly low end, we wanted to keep the price as trim as possible.

If you have any individual questions I'll try my best to answer them.

16 September 2010, 0442
Awesome project guys! I did a design degree many years ago and wish I starting doing projects like this back then. It looks like EVs are going to be THE future of transportation and being involved at this stage of their development is pretty exciting. Back at uni there were also less distractions, better access to facilities, etc. If you guys have a couple more years at uni it would be great to get involved with the engineers there to see what they're up to in this area. Good luck!

16 September 2010, 0819

It is really exciting to get into electric vehicles right now, this early. It's also exciting from a design standpoint, because EVs are looking for an identity. I hope to do more work in this sort of arena, but I have my mandatory projects until I graduate. I may see if I can do my electric motorcycle as my senior thesis, though.

16 September 2010, 1620
It's also exciting from a design standpoint, because EVs are looking for an identity.

I think you've picked up on a really interesting point which would also make a great thesis project. It's not just a question of styling either, the whole idea of what personal/small group transportation is could be up for grabs!