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09 November 2011, 2011
I have 3 items for sale: HPEV AC20, Curtis 1238 controller, and a Mars Electric LLC ME0709 motor. First, let's talk about the AC20 and controller. The info for the ME0709 can be found later in the post. Payments can be via paypal or money order (saves me 3%) and shipping will be on a case by case basis.

The AC20 and controller were purchased form Thunderstruck but never used. The motor has some scuffs on it from being moved around, but is otherwise in brand new condition. The controller is also completely unused and comes with wiring harness and spyglass. Here are the descriptions from Thunderstruck:

- Hiperformance EVs AC20 6.7" x 13" NEMA C Face, 7/8" shaft. Weight: 53lb

- Curtis 1238-7501 AC Controller (10.8" 9.1" 3.4") Weight: 12lb. With wiring harness

- Curtis Spyglass 840 Display (dispays: Amps, Voltage, RPM, MPH/KPH, Motor Temp)

Prices: Will sell together for $2500
Motor only: $1500
Controller only (w/ spyglass and harness): $1100

Mars Electric LLC ME0709 motor. This has been sitting on the shelf for a while in it's box with the shaft cap still on. I've been told it works and haven't seen it tested myself. The only apperant issue with this motor is that the mounting points for one of the contacts has broken where it attaches to the motor housing. The contact is still firmly attached, but can rock around some. The fracture doesn't look like it has damaged anything internally and I suspect the connection is just fine. JB weld can fix probably fix the issue otherwise. Price is $250 OBO. Here is a cell phone picture of the damaged contact: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e360/screamingflea_z31/marselectricmotor.jpg
Anways, here are specs.
Power: 8 cont-- 19 pk hp
Voltage: 72 Volt rated
Speed: 3700 rpm @ 72v unloaded
Size: 8" OD, 6.5" long (w/o shaft)
Shaft: 7/8"x 1-3/4", 3/16" key
Weight: 36 lbs.

10 November 2011, 0719
I am a newbie so this question might sound stupid: Is it possible to use a DC motor with the AC controller you are selling?

10 November 2011, 0906
I am a newbie so this question might sound stupid: Is it possible to use a DC motor with the AC controller you are selling?

Nope. You really need to match an AC controller to the motor it's running. See the data sheets here (about half-way down for the 1238):

Well. I actually am not sure, I suspect some of these guys could actually make it work, but it's not, well, what the Magic Smoke intended. :D

10 November 2011, 0928
Dear screamingflea, can you upload a full picture of the motor?250 seems a very good price for me, but....i am located at Greece.Can you ship the motor to Greece and what will be the cost?

Thank you:)

10 November 2011, 0939
Here is another cell phone picture of the motor.
As for shipping to Greece, it is doable, but I don't believe it would be worth your cost. According to the UPS website, shipping to Greece will cost twice as much as the motor. So it's in your best interest to try to find another deal. Sorry dude =(

Jack Riggi
10 November 2011, 2114
do U want to trade the motor and controller for a 1987--36 foot RV? sure could use that motor in my Green Thang!!

10 November 2011, 2238
PM sent Flea.

10 November 2011, 2313
Sorry Jack, but not trades :p Also everyone, the AC20 and controller have been sold. The Mars Electric motor is pending.

15 November 2011, 1950
Everything is sold. Thanks everybody!